Snakes Of Hudspeth County, Texas

  By: Jason Penney 


    This site is meant to be a reference point for snake identification in Hudspeth County, Texas and other parts of Texas as well. All of the species contained on this site occur in other parts of the state but the majority of the photos contained here are mainly from the Hudspeth County Area.   Click on any of the links above to view the snakes photos with accompanying  information. All feedback is welcomed.

    Hudspeth County is Located between El Paso County and Culberson County, Texas. The county seat is Sierra Blanca (Click for Map) which is about 80 miles East of El Paso, Texas via I-10. The Southern end of Hudspeth county is the U.S. / Mexican Border. The Northern side of the county is the New Mexico / Texas state line.  Hudspeth County is somewhat unknown to field observers as allot of its good  habitat is remote and/or on private land. There are however, many miles of public paved and dirt roads on which to observe snakes.  Another possible reason for its lack of notoriety is its close proximity to more popular locations such as Jeff Davis Co., Presidio Co., Brewster Co., Ect.  I do not practice snake "collecting". I enjoy seeing them in their native habitat, photographing them and leaving them for future generations to enjoy.

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HWY 62/180 **                                                                 Quitman Canyon (Public Road)**                                                          

Farm Road 1111 (North of Sierra Blanca)**                           Eagle Mountains                           

Road to Indian Hot Springs Ranch **                                    Farm Road 2317 (connecting FM 1111 and Hwy 62/180) **

** Denotes public collecting areas


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