Venomous Snakes should be avoided. Although a bite from one is usually not fatal, a bite can cause serious- long lasting injury and unbelievable pain. In the United States bites from venomous snakes are rare. The most common bite scenario is someone trying to capture or handle one. Venomous Snakes like most other animals would rather avoid conflict with humans. If you encounter one on your property, call a professional to remove it rather than trying to do it yourself. Although dangerous, venomous species provide a much needed service to humans in the form of rodent control who spread deadly diseases like Hanta-virus. This service is especially helpful to farmers whose crops are damaged by rodents.

Black Tailed Rattlesnake (C. molossus molossus)  

Mojave Rattlesnake (C. scutellatus)

Mottled Rock Rattlesnake (C. lepidus lepidus)

Prairie Rattlesnake (C. v.  viridis)

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake  (C. Atrox)