Black-tailed Rattlesnake

(C. molossus molossus)

3.5 ft. Black-tailed Rattlesnake found 20 miles North of Sierra Blanca, Texas in Oct. of 2000.

Size: Literature list them up to 50 inches ( 4ft. 2 inches). I along with Joe Navarro found a Black-tail Rattler just north of Study Butte, Texas that measured 56.5 inches in May of 2000. The snake was given to Buzz Ross in Ft. Davis, TX for his Rattle Snake display. The snake refused to eat so Mr. Ross released him back where he was found.

Range in Texas: Only the arid western portions of the state

Comments: The Black-tailed Rattlesnake although not common, can be found through out Hudspeth county in the rockier areas. I have found them to be the most common in the Eagle Mountains and the road heading to Indian Hot Springs. I have found them to be for the most part very docile and very rarely attempt to bite. They are a beautiful snake with some color variation.  The ones that I have found in Quitman Canyon and on FM 1111 (like the adults pictured) sometimes have this greenish color. The ones Near the Indian Hot Springs and in the Eagles look more like the typical molossus like the juvenile in the thumbnail. Click on any of the thumbnails to view an enlarged version. Thanks to Chris Harrison for the use of his photo.

   click to enlarge Brewster County River Road Molossus  Photo by Chris Harrison (click to enlarge)