The Eagle Mountains

        The Eagle Mountains lie South of Interstate 10 between Sierra Blanca and Van Horn, Texas. I have found several species of snake in these mountains. The distinctive looking mottled rock rattler on my home page was found in these mountains. Dr. Scudday, the retired Professor of Biology from Sul Ross State University found a live Alterna in a mouse trap a few years ago in this range. Unfortunately, as most University specimens go, he is now preserved at the college in formaldehyde.  Others are rumored to have also caught Alterna here but as of yet, I have not. All of this range lies on private property, so to hunt them you need permission from the owner. 

The view of the mountains seen above is from county road 1111 South of the Eagles. I have been in these mountains several times and have actually hunted snakes in them twice. Both times that I have hunted, I have had very good results. Excellent habitat exist for Alterna, Lepidus, Trimorphs and others species through out the range.  For more views of the habitat in the range, click on the thumbnails below. The first thumbnail is of the road that runs through the area in the mountains know locally as West Canyon. The second thumbnail is of a sunrise over the Eagle Mountains. I use this picture as a wall paper on my computer. There are several miles here of collectable habitat in this area.

draw.jpg (229010 bytes)   Sunrise over the Eagles