Farm Road 2317

    Farm Road 2317 turns off of FM 1111 about 2.3 miles South of the intersection of FM 1111 and Hwy 62/180 (about 40 miles North of Sierra Blanca, Texas). From the turn off, it heads West about 13 miles until it intersects again with Hwy. 62/180. I find basically the same snakes on this road as I find on FM 1111 with one exception. The only place that I have found the Prairie Rattlesnake to be common in Hudspeth County is on this road. It is an enjoyable road to hunt due to the lack of traffic at night. I have hunted this road for 3 hours and didn't see a single car. There are a few very small rock cuts like the one pictured above. The rest of the environment around the road is rolling grasslands.