Farm Road 1111

(North of Sierra Blanca)

Diamondback crossing road early in the AM

Atrox crossing FM 1111 North of Sierra Blanca early in the morning in August of 2000.

     Farm Road 1111 North of Sierra Blanca, Texas is about 55 miles of rolling desert/grass lands. Not much scenery in this area nor rock cuts. There are however, allot of snakes. People that have come out to hunt this road have always remarked on the incredible amount of snakes that can be found. Maybe the reason is the lack of traffic and development. I have cruised this road on occasions for 5-6 hours without seeing another car. Make sure that you have enough gas. To the North (62/180) there are no open gas stations at night until you get to El Paso or Carlsbad, NM. Fortunately the Exxon in Sierra Blanca (at the South end) stays open all night. If you run out of gas here, you will have a LONG walk with little hope of seeing anyone for a ride. The best hunting is within a week of rain and the less moon the better. 

    Snakes that I have found in this area are; Desert King Snakes (Fairly Common), Night Snakes (Very Common), Western Diamondback Rattle Snakes (common), Mojave Rattle Snakes (common), Black Tailed Rattle Snake (uncommon), Prairie Rattle Snake (common to the North end), Trans-Pecos Rat Snake (uncommon), Sonoran Gopher Snakes (Common), Western Hooknose (rare), Coach whips (common during the day), Texas Long Nose Snake (common) and Glossy Snakes (fairly common). When I want to find Mexican Hognose Snakes (uncommon), this road is my favorite area to look. About 1.5 hours before sunset has been best. For another view of this environment, click on the thumbnail below.

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