Mexican Hognose

(H. n. kennerlyi)

Caught in August  of 2000 in  Sierra Blanca, Texas.

Size: Up to 2 feet 5 inches.

Range in Texas: The Trans-Pecos region southward into the southern portions of Texas. Mainly found around the Texas Border regions. Further north you find the similarly patterned Western Hognose (H.n.nasicus).

Comments: The Mexican Hognose is one of my favorite snakes that I have found in Hudspeth County. I have found several usually in the early morning (just after sunrise) or late in the afternoon (just before sunset). They are one of the favorite species of hognose among collectors due to the fact that they will eat mice. When I find them, they will often try to bluff by spreading out their neck (somewhat like a cobra), hissing and striking (not actually trying to bite).  If this tactic fails, they will then sometimes play dead, rolling over, opening their mouth and hanging out their tongue. Like most hognose snakes, the Mexican Hognose is considered slightly venomous but harmless to humans. As you can see in the first thumbnail, they do have enlarged teeth in the upper jaw that resemble fangs. To date, I have never had one attempt to bite.  For a closer look at the hognose fangs click on the 1st thumbnail below, The second thumbnail is of a Mexican Hognose playing dead. The third is a picture of the same snake checking to see if I was still there after he had played dead for a few minutes. 

fangs.jpg (129843 bytes) playindead.jpg (112304 bytes) checkin.jpg (105257 bytes) MMM, MMM good

Below is are pictures from my hognose clutch hatching in Sept. of 2000. For size comparison, I placed it next to a quarter. Click for a larger view.

"Step into the light,...Step into the light" very small at birth