Western Hook Nosed Snake

(G. canum)

Found 4 miles North of Sierra Blanca on FM 1111 in August 2001

Size: Up to 14 inches

Range in Texas: Central and West Texas

Comments: The Western Hook-nosed snake is a small (rarely over 12 inches) uncommon snake in Hudspeth County. I usually find these snakes on the flats North of Sierra Blanca on FM 1111within a week after rains. When first caught, they jerk back and forth and  emit a barely audible "popping" sound by pushing out and retracting the lining of its cloaca. They resemble a small brown or sometimes bluish Hognose Snake. I temporarily  kept one of these snakes a couple of years ago. I found it interesting to watch it eat. I would place a live scorpion in with the snake. The snake would twitch its tail before it struck. It would then bite and hold the scorpion, repeatedly attempting to crush the scorpion by biting down. It reportedly also eats various spiders, wind scorpions (sun spiders) and centipedes. Click on the thumbnail for a closer look at the hooknose.

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