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Lacey Act Ban 2012

Sat, January 21 2012 at 11:27

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First, USARK needs to update their website and give us a plan. It's tough to go "all in" behind a nebulous statement about trying to stop this thing. USARK, if you've got a plan, PLEASE tell. Shout it from the rooftops. And I, for one, will go "all in" to help the effort.

Which brings me to my second point, and you all should do this now (at least do it this week!), call/write and ask your Senators and Congressmen how in the world we citizens should be subject to a federal "law" that did not pass through the legislative process. There was no bill, no committees, no hearings, no vote. And WE had no voice. Your representatives are your voice in the law-making process! We have a representative government and "work arounds" like this are an affront to the spirit of our system of government! So when "they" can't get what "they" want through the legitimate legislative process (bill - debates - Senate vote, Congress vote - law), they just declare a law anyway??? Come on! Kings do that! Dictators do that! How can this circumvention of American government procedure be acceptable to any administration?
My Senator emailed me the week before this happened, informing me that the proposed "constrictor rule" law was a dead issue and that it would have to be re-introduced into the legislature as a bill and go through the process for a law to result. And then... SURPRISE!

Scream and holler about it (respectfully) and maybe one of us will find a sympathetic ear.
Look around and see who gets the attention - and the action. It's the loudest, most persistent whiners. We all need to whine a lot more and a lot louder.

It's important to remember that nobody among us is arguing against working on the problem in the everglades. The issue right now is that a far-reaching, nation-wide "law" of seriously questionable usefulness has been imposed on hundreds of thousands (millions? more?) of citizens, in violation of what I always understood to be the legislative process of the American Government. Ask them how can one be expected to trust such a government?

Finally, absolutely drop your support for the animal "welfare" type interest groups pushing these sorts of bans and prohibitions, and urge your family and friends to do likewise. If you feel the need to help the animals, donate money, food, or, better yet, donate your time to a local animal shelter or wildlife rehabilitator.

Don't quit on this.

cheers -
New Jersey
#1 Mike on 2012-01-22 22:29 (Reply)
Mike - you HAD a representative government. Now what the Obama regime cannot do in Congress they simple regulate into existence. Burms today ,,, ordinary Boas in 3 months ,,,,,,
#1.1 Anonymous on 2012-01-30 18:50 (Reply)
usark/andrew wyatt is one of the reasons thhis is happening people look at north carolinas law now he did that with hsus he helped them ok in nc your allowed to own these animals but if anyone ever touches then or even romored they take them the kill then and you and the person that touched it you get charged with a felony ok at tops it will cost 60,000 to stop this if you really want to help go to captive born reptiles and click link on top of page terry already has it started he put up 25,000 of his own money or call 614 267 8025 usark is agains anyone owning animals just like hsus andrew wyatt is bad for us stop giving him money to start something that he will put against up and donate to someone who is doing something already
#2 matt on 2012-01-25 18:08 (Reply)

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