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Getting a new snake to feed

Mon, January 17 2011 at 13:38

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I would hit the message boards with this one, but as for advise...well, this will all seem redundant, but it's the proper protocol. Are you attempting to feed appropriate sized food? If the item is too big, the snake might feel intimidated and reject it. Also, make sure the snake wasn't feeding on live, it may not want to convert right now. Color also makes a difference for some of my pythons. It may just need more time. Good luck.
#1 pythonaddict on 2011-01-17 21:18 (Reply)
The other snakes that are the same size as this one are eating fuzzy's. The snake may have been feeding on live prey. How would you convert one to F/T, or could it be done? The only kind I have offered so far are the white prey. I am going to lock him into another container and leave a F/T overnight and see how that goes. Being that he is a desert boa, he may be able to hold off hunger longer than I have thought.
#2 Zoomer (Homepage) on 2011-01-18 20:13 (Reply)
If the snake was feeding on live prey, it will not readily accept f/t. You will have to work with the snake. Some of our snakes would not convert (they are older and used to eating live, so we'll stick with it with them). Are you just putting the fuzzy in his tank? Being that he's used to live, you should try holding the fuzzy with a pair of tongs and slightly jiggle the mouse in front of him. See if that sparks his interest. All of ours that eat prekill have to have this done or they won't attempt it. I would try that before locking it into another container, as that might stress the snake more. Also, it's been two weeks, it may just need a bit more time. Good luck.
#3 pythonaddict on 2011-01-18 20:53 (Reply)
I've been dangling with tongs so hard that I could start a car. LOL I've got tongs and they have been fine on all the other snakes. This one is just so hard headed. I think I'm gonna try and buy a couple live pinkies just in case he has never had a fuzzy. I was hoping he would convert but it looks like you may be right. The fuzzy was
with him for 3 hours and it seems useless to continue.Thanks a lot for your help pythonaddict, I appreciate it a lot. I really like the snake and don't want to hurt it at all.
#4 Zoomer (Homepage) on 2011-01-18 21:48 (Reply)
How old is your rosy? My info' may not apply if yours' is not a neonate. I bought two neonates a little over a yr. ago, they were approx. 3 wks. old at the time & would not eat anything I tried to feed them. I tried everything I could think of, went to the info' in my book for help. The book said some rosys won't begin to eat until they are 3 mos. old, especially if born in late fall. It has something to do with them not feeding until spring for them.

Well, my rosys must have read the book too cause the first one finally ate 8 wks. to the day I brought it home & the other one waited one more wk. before eating. I tried every few days for all that time & when that "magical" moment came for them they snatched the pinkie right up as if they had always eaten. To this day neither one has refused a meal since.

I didn't expect the tiny little babies to last that long without food, but they are both growing & doing great. As I said, this may not be your problem if yours' is older, but if it is a baby it should eat when it feels it is time.

Good luck, hope it eats soon. It is frustrating when you worry it might starve.
#5 De'Andrea Priddy on 2011-01-19 21:54 (Reply)
Working with neonates that were born in October. He apparantly read that book too. LOL Still not interested in dead or live food.
#6 Zoomer on 2011-01-22 19:27 (Reply)
January 31 and the rosy boa has finally eaten a rat pup. I'm soooo happy! He went about 8 weeks with no food.
Oh happy day!
#7 Zoomer on 2011-01-30 15:02 (Reply)
#8 Zoomer on 2011-01-31 02:45 (Reply)
If you put her in a paper bag with rat pups she will probably feed. i use rat pups because they're a good meatball size and they won't bite the snake
#9 Scozbert on 2011-04-12 12:04 (Reply)

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