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A herper's reality check on 'reality' TV

By Jeff Barringer
Fri, October 1 2010 at 13:01

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What is especially alarming is that this recruiter (whoever they are) are encouraging people to sign their friends, familiy, and anyone else they might know up through an online link to a programming submission form called the "Animal Hoarding Project" without even so much as their knowledge or consent to do so!
All forum users beware!!!
#1 EricWI on 2010-10-01 15:11 (Reply)
I know some people:
Jon & Kate + 8
Duggars aka 19 Kids and Counting
#2 scott on 2010-10-01 19:10 (Reply)
I work in television, and from my perspective, the author of this article just did the producers and their networks a huge favor. Now every google search that fishes this article will gain these networks and their programs free advertising.

If you don't like the programs, don't watch them. But most importantly, stop publishing their names on the internet! I know you have good intentions, but you are generating free press for these guys and that is exactly what they want.
#3 BillB on 2010-10-01 19:47 (Reply)
Bill... except that he doesn't mention the name of the show.
#4 Christie Keith (Homepage) on 2010-10-01 21:32 (Reply)
Christie...I found this article by searching "hoarding." I was not aware of there was a program about this subject related to animals, nor was I aware of this web sight. Finding the program in question was fairly simple after I read the article.
#5 BillB on 2010-10-02 07:33 (Reply)
Great article!, but this is part of a bigger societal problem. We have turned into a voyeur society. Exploiting as entertainment, some things that are sociopath-like or even border-line insane. Everything has become the titillating tabloid, the exciting accident, the crazy family, the addict. Reality shows, animal abuse, Jack ass movies, Jersey Shore are all animals of another color. Pun intended. HELLO.
#6 Kenneth E, Barnett (Homepage) on 2010-10-03 07:59 (Reply)
"The Discovery Channel and its associates are trying to co-opt you into helping Ingrid and her friends hurt pet lovers more."

This hits the nail on the head Cindy. The invitation to invite so called "psychologists" or other "experts" into one's private residence with promises of "solutions" (i.e. coercing the show participants into surrendering all or most of their animals, thereby meeting questionable fates) is not only reprehensable and dangerous in of itself, but also represents what could very well mean a new tactic in the aresanal of the A.R. movement, in conjunction with Animal Planet, to use the "animal hoarding" label against herpers as well as other animal hobbyists to ultimately get animals out of the private sector. It should be no secret that this is a publically stated goal of the A.R movement. Animal (Rights) Planet's offers to help herp keepers through shows like "Animal Hoarding" should be viewed with the same level of skepticism as offers by Rahm Emanuel to improve the Republican party. Hopefully, we all should know better than to buy it.

Let's nip this in the bud by refusing to participate in any way to shows like this, an encouraging others to do the same...
#7 EricWI on 2011-08-31 22:08 (Reply)

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