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"Jungle Carpet Python"

Jungle Carpet Python. (2007, September 17). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 18:21, January 2, 2010, from

Morelia spilota cheynei is a non-venomous python subspecies[2] found in the rainforests of Queensland, Australia.

Adults usually reach 4.5 to 8 feet in length, although larger specimens have been recorded, with females usually larger than males. The color pattern can vary from tan and black to bright yellow and jet black. They are relatively slim-bodied snakes, and have a prehensile tail to aid in climbing. All specimens have white bellies, that will often be speckled with black spots. These snakes are semi-arboreal and their natural habitat is monsoon jungle. Captive specimens have lived for 20-30 years and feed readily on mice, rats and baby quails and chickens.

These pythons are known for their brightest colours, being the brightest of all the morelia (except for the Green Tree Python, Morelia Viridis). These snakes are often kept in captivity.Vitals: Medium-sized python, not thick-bodied. The head has been likened to the head of a dragon. Jungles have a prehensile tail which aids them in arboreal pursuits. They are not fully arboral like the tree boas and pythons but they will climb on occasion. The brightest jungle carpet python is jet black with bright yellow markings and a pure-white underside. Average colors are yellow-tan blotches on a black base with a pure-white underside. Neonates are tan, black, and white and will lighten with each shed, reaching adult color by age two or three. Some specimens have been known to darken with each shed; if you want a bright individual view the parents first, or buy a one- or two-year-old snake. This is a nocturnal snake, feeding, shedding, and generally most active during the night. Jungles reach a length of 5-7 feet, Average is around 5 or 6 feet.

Housing: This snake is an escape artist. Young snakes should be kept in smaller enclosures, and neonates should not be kept in anything larger than a 10 gallon tank with a tight screen. A general rule of thumb for housing a snake is that the length of the enclosure should be 2/3 the length of the snake. A decent enclosure for an adult mid-sized Jungle would be 4'L x 2'H x 2'W. If space and money allows, bigger is better, so I would recommend 5'-6'L x 3'H x 2.5'-3'W. Glass aquariums are good for starting out, but as an adult, I recommend plastic cages like those made by Neodesha, or enclosures made of melamine and glass, or Critter Cages, which NEVER should be recycled into tropical aquariums!! Screen tops should be plastic-wrapped around the lighting/heating apparati, leaving small spaces open for ventilation. This is to ensure the enclosure does not dry out.

Heating: Basking light temperature should be 88-90 degrees, daytime ambient should not drop below 80. Nighttime ambient should not drop below 72 degrees. As the jungle carpet python is semi-arboreal, heat coming from the bottom of the tank may do little more than act as an aide for other heating units. Overhead heating accomplished through incandescent bulbs or ceramic heat emitters are the best choice. Have at least three thermometers so the temperature gradient in the tank can be easily figured out. One should be under the basking light, another in the cool end, and one in the highest point of the tank where the snake may occupy.

The type locality given is "Ravenshoe, on the Atheron Tableland, north Queensland, In Lat. 17°36'S, Long 145°29'E" (Australia).[1]

The Jungle Carpet Python is sub-arboreal and can be nippy as babies until they get used to its captive owner.They are not aggresive but defensive and due to this nature will nip often when young. Like most snakes they are very strong, and can quite easily force their way out of vivariums and other housings. they then tend to hide in the local area; down the back of a radiator or in the bass tube of a speaker, for example, but can usually be tempted to return using their usual foodstuff. The snakes themselves can become irritated when handled just after feeding as well as before, during, and after shedding.However you shouldnt let this put you off handling the snake as the more handling the better when it comes to this type of snake.With patience and regular handling the jungle can become very tame and a pleasure to have around. When fully grown the jungle carpet python will require either a 3 foot by 3 foot by 1 1/2 foot or 4 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot enclosure controlled by a thermostat, and will also require an ultra violet light during daylight hours.Jungles may be housed together but not with other diamond python etc.As they grow they will start feeding on pinkies about once a week but by the time they are fully grown will need to feed less, roughly 15 feeds per year.

During the "taming" period, wear cotton gloves that the snake cannot bite through, and rub them with your scent [rub w/ hands, old sock, etc.] so the snake gets to know your smell. Take out the snake ignoring all bites, hold for a few minutes [it will struggle] until it calms down a bit, then put it back in. As the snake gets less and less bitey, keep the snake out for longer periods of time. Every day, put your bare hand in the tank, flat on the bottom, placing it in the opposite end of where the snake is. Make sure the snake sees your hand [tongue will flick in the direction of your hand]. Allow the snake to crawl over to your hand, sniff you out, and crawl over you. When the snake moves away, slowly remove your hand. The snake will associate this experience and the scent of your hand with the scent of the hand that handles it. Eventually the snake will accept the handling. Progress to removing the snake with a gloved hand and actually handling the snake without a glove. At the end, expect to be able to remove the snake with a snake hook and handle it with your bare hands. Allow other people to handle the snake, gloved or not, so the snake remains calm with people other than the owner

Jungle Carpet Python. (2007, September 17). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 18:21, January 2, 2010, from

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