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'Eaten Alive' creates problems for reptile rescuers

By Cindy Steinle
Fri, December 12 2014 at 10:44

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Connie - #1 - 2014-12-12 12:25 - (Reply)

HAHA!!! I don't own a snake but I seriously want to bitch slap the Eaten Alive Guy and all his idiot viewers. do they not realize if his stupid stunt had succeeded he would have died and they would have had to kill the snake? dumbtardddddd

Scott - #2 - 2014-12-12 14:14 - (Reply)

You realize dipshit, that the people emailing and calling you were the real idiots right? Anyone with half a brain can tell you a snake like that doesn't survive on a diet of humans and can't live in Wisconsin.

I don't know who is the dumbest one in this, you, the idiot who let the snake eat him, or the idiots calling you.

Harley - #3 - 2014-12-12 14:26 - (Reply)

Another sad thing, is that a "respected" herpetologist took part in this bullshit. His name is Shawn Heflick. He was once a part of the "Python Hunters." It has been speculated, he provided the Anaconda that was on the show. He was on the USARK facebook page, blasting people, because they were pissed he had anything to do with it. He claimed it was for conservation of the Anaconda and, if he weren't on the show, the snake would of been injured. Sounds to me, like a man just trying to gain back his destroyed reputation.

Cindy Steinle - #4 - 2014-12-12 16:00 - (Reply)

I am sorry you feel that way. I feel that it is my job as a rescuer, an educator and a long standing member of the reptile community to take the time to work with these people and change incorrect information with correct stuff. Unfortunately people will often believe what they are told and when the government releases a study that claims that XXX species of snake needs to be added to the lacey act because it might migrate as far north as Washington DC, people come up with a lot of ideas. It is my job to fix those ideas and give the proper information in a kind and respectful manner with out degrading the person. Have a great day!

Shawn Heflick - #5 - 2014-12-12 16:56 - (Reply)

Actually Harley, that is exactly what I was brought on board for was the safety of the snake. There was NEVER a chance that the snake would eat him and I told Discovery as much from the start of my involvement, which was a year into the already rolling production. If anyone thought there was then they don't know anything about anacondas.

As to me supplying the anaconda...that is a total lie and it is contrived. I haven't kept anacondas in 15 yrs. Period! Ask anyone who knows me.

I had NO control over the production or content. The working title was Amazon Expedition and it was supposed to have a lot more conservation in it. I'm not thrilled with the title used or some of the slant that was put in, but I had no say. I think people fail to realize how TV works and how the outcome differs sometimes from what you think it is going to be.

On a positive note...I've been bombarded with hundreds of questions from curious lay people who are interested in anacondas and want to know more about them. I don't see that as a headache, but as a teachable moment.

DELETED - #6 - 2014-12-12 22:35 - (Reply)

Wow. You DO actually think that this was a great thing! How deluded can you possibly be?

Did you MISS EVERY OTHER HERPER EVER put on AP lately getting destroyed and even tricked and misrepresented to the point their CHILDREN ARE TAKEN AWAY?

You are choosing to be blind. and what is up with this "charity" that your friend runs and you are the main person in? Shady as hell.

Mick - #7 - 2014-12-12 23:14 - (Reply)

Actually, Harley, it's obvious after reading Shawn's response that you don't understand a THING about how television works with these networks like Nat Geo, Discovery, and Animal Planet. I've been asked no less than 5 times to participate in scouting or helping to provide footage to these networks for shows they were producing, and I was even once offered a pilot. I have turned them down every time and told them not to contact me with such requests again ever, and that was after making inquiries into just what they wanted done and how. What Shawn says is absolutely true. The networks lie and cheat, and even engage in illegal activities to get the footage they want. They don't care abut the stress or harm to the animal, or whatever it takes to get the sensationalist footage they want on camera, on their schedule NOT the animal's. I will say that I think Shawn is EXTREMELY naive for having worked with them, because all this can do is soil you. I didn't have to actually agree to work with them in order to see how insincere they were. But what he is saying is true. The networks are shady, and they misrepresent how things they produce will be presented all the time. That's also clear to me that you're one of those knee-jerk tin foil hat wearing conspiratorially driven herp hobbyists who really doesn't know WTF he's talking about. I see your kind slamming conservationists and rescuers all the damn time because you think anyone who doesn't strictly support your commercialist viewpoint, or anyone who supports a conservation or rescue driven organization simply must be involved in some grand conspiracy to take away all your "pets". And that sort of BS is spread by commercial breeder industry protectionist groups like USARK who paint issue like the USFWS ban on certain constrictors as having anything to do with private ownership, which is pure BS. They like stirring up the base though with falsehoods about bans that wouldn't have any effect at all on anyone who wasn't a commercial breeder doing interstate business or an importer. But the conspiracy prone low information cannon fodder like you are easily enslaved to champion their cause based on falsehoods.

Shawn Heflick - #8 - 2014-12-13 20:14 - (Reply)

Careful what you put in print as it may be read as slander and you as liable. If you knew anything about me you'd know that I regard HSUS on the same level as pedophiles. You would also know that I have donated over $10,000 in the last year to USARK and testified twice on the industry's behalf so they can continue to keep large constrictors responsibly.

Educate yourself.

Rick Stanley - #9 - 2014-12-15 19:19 - (Reply)

The USFWS ban on large constrictors has an impact upon private ownership in some ways. You can't bring your listed constrictor across a state border to a nearby vet. You are limited to buying a listed constrictor from someone in your state. The restriction on the transferability of morphs of listed constrictors between states impacts your selection of the morph of your preference. If you are moving out of state, you can't bring your listed constrictor with you. You can't sell or transfer your listed constrictor to someone out of state. Depending upon where you live, the ban on interstate transportation can have a fairly significant impact upon a private owner. In the US, everyone takes for granted their right to travel with their property where they want to travel, so the ban on interstate transportation of listed constrictors goes against our traditional notions of freedom of travel. On the other hand, there are plenty of commercial breeders who are not impacted at all by the ban on interstate transportation because they don't deal in listed constrictors. It is important that everyone in the reptile community works cooperatively against pet bans. Organizations like HSUS that lobby for these bans don't want anyone to have pet reptiles or amphibians. It is not a big secret that some at USFWS would prefer a ban on the importation of reptiles and amphibians as well as some other animals. The evidence is available through accessing regulatory proposals submitted by USFWS in previous decades. Many people in the reptile community are not familiar with these older proposals by USFWS. When you go back and read some of the proposed regulations filed by USFWS in the Federal Register, you would be shocked at how many species of reptiles and amphibians would have been banned.

Mick - #10 - 2014-12-15 20:47 - (Reply)

Blatant untruths. USFWS regulations are administrative regulation which have no effect on the movement of snakes by ANY private individual not engaged in interstate commerce as a business. You don't know WTH you're talking about.

The only thing they can lawfully regulate, and are attempting to lawfully regulate, pursuant to statute and the scope under the commerce clause of the constitution, is INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

You can travel over state lines to buy any snake you like, assuming it's legal to sell in the originating state and legal to own in your state. That is a matter controlled by STATE LAW not federal regulation. The seller cannot possibly know where you are going to transport it after purchase. That's not his business and is outside the scope of federal regulation of commerce once that animal is in the hands of a private person. Only those who owe their business charters or licenses to government and who are regulated as a business are impacted by this. Just the same as the federal 4 inch regulation has no force of law whatsoever against private persons who sell baby turtles between each other. Such things ONLY apply to COMMERCIAL entities engaged in INTERSTATE commerce.

You can take your snake with you if you move to another state, assuming it's legal in the state you move to.

You can transport your snake across state lines in order to see a vet. You're full of it.

The ONLY thing impacted by this ban is INTERNATIONAL importation and INTERSTATE COMMERCE. Importers would be affected, and those who transport snakes to out of state shows or who ship out of state would be affected.


But USARK want's everyone in a stir and to perpetuate this myth that HSUS and anyone else wants to take your herps away. Follow the money and don't be a 'tard. This is about the fact that USARK could not gin up the same knee jerk mindless activism making noise against this if the facts of how law and regulation actually work were known. Most people wouldn't be up in arms about some marginal restriction on some very lesser traded species. So, what does USARK have to do to get you to care? They throw some firebombs out there and claim the feds and humane organizations are trying to ban ALL your animals and keep you from transporting them as private person. That's completely false and intentionally orchestrated to piss off mindless crowds who make a bunch of noise about laws and regs which they have zero understanding of.

Andy Jones - #11 - 2014-12-16 10:47 - (Reply)

First of all Cindy,I want to say "Thanks" to both you and Shawn for speaking out.
USFWS has without a doubt caused much undo panic within the communities in which we as reptile keepers/breeders live. And what really irks me is that the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet jump on this idiotic bandwagon!!

Anyone who has ever kept a Boa or Python KNOWS that they CANNOT withstand cold temperatures. Yet we have these so-called "experts" on these programs telling us that they'll (the snakes) be living in Washington, D.C. by 2020. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!
To think that it might, shows you have no knowledge of the animal in question.

First I think what we the reptile world should do is boycott the Discovery Channel and the Animal Planet until they really start to produce real scientific evidence to back up their so-called facts.

As a reptile breeder I have a vested interest in all the garbage that the USFWS and our government throws out to the public. We must participate in "system" in order to change the "system.
As a man who spent more than 2 decades in law enforcement I can assure you that your local enforcement officers didn't make these rules/laws on their own. It all starts higher up the food chain.
Therefore our efforts need to start "higher up the food chain".
I urge everyone to call their State Reps, State Senators and their Governors. Pay attention. Be informed. And don't say "it doesn't effect me".
Please let your voice be heard.

"Any Government that is strong enough to give you all you want, is strong enough to take all you have".
Thomas Jefferson

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