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Reptile Law Database

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Reptile Law Database


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Reptile Law Support Center

Below are links to official pages, sites, forms, or permits regarding reptile and amphibian laws for the locality described. If you find a link to the laws, regulations, or permits that need to be listed here, please add it using the form below. If you find a link to be dead, please report it.

State/Province: TEXAS
State Laws/Regulations/Licences/Permits

Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. Main Web Site
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Nonindigenous Snake Permit Frequently Asked Questions
Added: 02/15/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Texas Threatened and Endangered Species List, January 2003
Added: 02/15/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Texas Amphibian Watch Rules of "Frogging"
Added: 02/15/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Regulations - Nongame and Other Species
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Hunting and Fishing Regulations: What's New for 2007-2008
Added: 02/15/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Frequently Asked Questions about Nongame Permits
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Spring Alligator Hunt Orientation
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Texas Administrative Code - RULE §65.331- COMMERCIAL NONGAME PERMITS$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir=&p_rloc=&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=31&pt=2&ch=65&rl=331
Added: 02/20/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Species of nongame wildlife may be possessed, purchased, sold, offered for sale, imported, or exported under §65.331
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Prohibition on commercial activity includes, but is not limited to, the following species under §65.331
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Local Laws/Regulations/Licences/Permits

New Braunfels, Texas Animal Control Ordinance
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

San Marcos, Texas Animal Control Ordinance
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Seguin, Texas Animal Control Ordinance
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Kerrville, Texas Animal Control Ordinance
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Burnet, Texas Animal Control Ordinance
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Schertz, Texas Animal Control Ordinance
Added: 02/15/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

City Of Austin Animal Codes
Added: 02/15/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

City of Houston Code of Ordinances - Chapter 6
Added: 02/18/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

City of San Antonio Code of Ordinances - Chapter 5
Added: 02/18/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Fort Worth, Texas Code of Ordinances - Chapter 6
Added: 02/19/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Abilene, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 6
Added: 02/19/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Amarillo, Texas - Code of Ordinances Chapters 4-10, 8-2, 12-7
Added: 02/19/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Del Rio, Texas Code of Ordinances - Chapter 5
Added: 02/19/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Georgetown, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 7
Added: 02/19/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Waco, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 5
Added: 02/19/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Addison, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 10
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Alamo Heights, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 4
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Allen, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 3
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Alvin, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 4
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Aransas Pass, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 4
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Balch Springs, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 10
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Baytown, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 14
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Bedford, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 18
Added: 02/20/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

Bellaire, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 6
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Bowie, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 2
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Brownwood, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 14
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Bryan, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 10
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Burleson, Texas - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 6
Added: 02/20/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Most of Texas' City's Ordinances
Added: 04/09/08 - (Report Dead Link?)

Please Note: While these links may be accurate, the information linked here may be incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date. It is always best to contact the appropriate agency to verify the accuracy and applicability regarding laws, permits, and regulations.

Know a law or regulation link that needs to be added here? Add it below! Help us build the worlds largest database of reptile and amphibian laws and regulations. Only links to documents on offical government web sites will be accepted. Types of documents that we will list include links to pending regulations, links to existing regulations, government supplied FAQ's, and links to permits, licences, and applicatons.

Type State Law Local Law
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Reptile News
  - Key to fighting battlefield infections may be in alliga...
  - Nurseries for poison dart frogs dug by feral pigs
  - Premiere UK athletic training ground lodge put on hold ...
  - For lizards it's not what you say, it's when you say it
  - Ancient "dinosaur cousin" remains found in Israel
  - Inner workings of redtail coral venom finally discovere...
  - Surprise new frog discovered in Peru
  - Conjoined lizard twins found at German zoo
  - Australian police station doubles as lizard home
  - Hunting season could destabilize alligator population
  - More...

Jeff Barringer(left) Photo by Gary Miller; used with permission.Jeff Barringer
Publisher - Featured Contributor
Founder of, Jeff is a veteran breeder and field hobbyist with almost three decades of experience roaming the thorn-scrub of Texas is search of reptiles and amphibians.
  - Report: USFWS to add boas, reticulated pythons, anacond...
  - launches new Classified Vendor Directory
  - Lizard politics cost USFW agent his job
  - turns 18 today!
  - Texas herp legend Dr. James Dixon passes away
  - More...

Richard Bartlett (left) Photo by Jake Scott; used with permission.Richard D. Bartlett
Featured Contributor
One of the most prolific writers and photographers on herpetological subjects in the 20th century, Richard spent over four decades documenting reptiles in the field and captivity.
  - The beautiful one hundred pace snake
  - Chicken turtles wander, but they aren't lost
  - Raise your glass lizard
  - Blue, orange, and beautiful
  - Smoky jungle frog in the darkness
  - More...

Tony Jones (left)Tony Jones
Featured Contributor
Tony Jones is a UK based writer and herp professional with field experience ranging from Madagascar, New Zealand, Hungary, The Canaries, Mauritius, Round Island, Africa, and America. .
  - Should reptile shows be legal in the U.K.?
  - New European animal laws worry UK hobbyists
  - Courier no longer ships reptiles in UK
  - Challenges ahead for the UK reptile hobby
  - More...

Sachin Mamgai (left)Sachin Mamgai
Featured Contributor
A reptile hobbyist and rescuer living in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Sachin began rescuing India's snakes and amphibians when he was 15 and is part of the new generation of reptile hobbyists in India.
  - Vine snake: The hidden predator
  - Checkered keelback: The serpentine mermaid
  - What makes India the land of the cobra
  - India's best wall-climbing snake is also its cutest
  - Winter doesn’t make a difference in Malabar pit viper...
  - More...

Leiren McKenzie (left)Leiren McKenzie
Featured Contributor
At home in the forests and swamps of the southeastern United States, Leiren spends most of her free time looking for herps, when she's not breeding axolotls and other salamanders.
  - As spring approaches, herpers need to change gears
  - That underrated amphibian, the infamous caecilian
  - The beauty of a northern red salamander
  - The coral snake mimicker
  - A queen snake and a surprising find
  - More...

Cindy Steinle (left)Cindy Steinle
Featured Contributor
A volunteer with several organizations including her own herp rescue, Cindy works with a number of local shelters, agencies, and organizations to provide rescue services for her community.
  - The problem with 'heroes in a half-shell'
  - 'Eaten Alive' creates problems for reptile rescuers
  - Is LA's albino cobra 'domesticated'?
  - In Memoriam: Carl Koch
  - Turtle wrap: increased nesting for loggerheads, net pro...
  - More...

snake crossing signLegal Updates
News stories, press releases, and updates from the world of reptile and amphibian laws and law enforcement.
  - Should reptile shows be legal in the U.K.?
  - Lizard politics cost USFW agent his job
  - HSUS and dangerous wild animal laws
  - After year and a half, more details emerge on tragedy i...
  - New European animal laws worry UK hobbyists
  - More...

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  - launches
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Herp Bios

Charles Darwin

Raymond Ditmars

Marlin Perkins

Some of them are legends known to every school kid in the world. Others are revered mostly by their peers and the scientists and herpers who came after them. They're the world's most renowned and influential herpetologists, herpetoculturists and zoologists, and you can learn more about them and their legacy to the hobby in's Wikipedia-based index of herper biographies.
Lawrence Klauber
Hobart M. Smith
Steve Irwin


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Keeping reptiles and amphibians is often subject to a variety of laws, regulations, and restrictions. These resources are here to help you navigate the sometimes complex issues of herp ownership.

International Agencies - CITES

U.S. Agencies - Center For Disease Control - Fish & Wildlife Service
Dept of Agriculture - Dept of Interior - House of Representatives - Senate

Canada Agencies - Canadian Wildlife Service

UK Agencies - DEFRA - Animal Health

Organizations - AVMA - ARAV - HCU - IRCF - IUCN - NPA - PARC - PIJAC - PIJAC Canada - TRAFFIC - USARK

Related Links - Animal Legal and Hist. Center

Animal Rights Organizations - PETA - HSUS

States/Provinces Database