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Posting Images on the Forums and Classifieds using the Gallery

Due to the recent changes regarding , specifically the forums, and the changes yet to come, this guide is currently in the process of being updated to account for the changes. Please bear with us during this transitional time. thanks you for your patience.
Posting images in your messages on is relatively simple, once you know how.  This quick little tutorial will attempt to show you how, using the free image hosting service, to include images in your posts.
The first thing you need to do is to create an account on the gallery and upload your images.  This tutorial is not going to show you how to do this, as the site explains it pretty good as it is with all the "click here for..." buttons :)

Once you've done that, and your images are up, that's where we carry on :)

Once your images are uploaded, bookmark the page that contains the index of those images.  That way, you have a quick reference for the future as to where your images are stored.  The screenshot below is of my image index (located here)

Your Main Gallery Index

When you've decided which image you want to post with your message, click on it, and it will bring up the page for that image.  Now, some people may upload large graphics files which might be too big to post in a message without first being resized.  This is no problem, as the image gallery automatically creates a "medium" sized version of your image, which is just perfect for posting on the forums.  Below is an image in my index which I wish to post in my message. (located here)

The image I wish to post

That bit was easy.  The next bit is also easy, but is the bit that can take a while to figure out unless somebody shows you how.  This technique also differs slightly depending on whether you use Netscape or Internet Explorer.

In Internet Explorer

You need to click on the image right your right mouse button so that a popup menu appears like the one below.  Once hte menu appears, you select "properties".

The Popup Menu!

The properties screen will give you a bunch of information about your image, including the URL (Uniform Resource Locator - or "Web Address") of that image.  This is the bit you need.  Rather than trying to remember this, or writing it down, you can "Copy" it, and then "Paste" it into your message when you need it.  The properties screen looks like this.

The Properties Screen

Once you have the properties screen up, you need to right click on the Address of the image (That's the bit that starts off "") and click on "Select All" when the menu comes up.  You will see the entire string is now highlighted.  Right click on it again, and when the menu pops up this time, you select "Copy", as below.

Select the entire address

"Copy" the address.

In Netscape

This is even easier than in Internet Explorer.  Upon discovering the location of your image, all you have to do is right click on the image, and when the popup menu appears, you select "Copy Image Location" as below.

Now whichever browser you use, and the appropriate method used, the address is stored in Windows' memory, and can be "pasted" into messages, or other applications, such as "notepad" or your E-Mail software when composing a message.

We have reached the time to head on over to the message forums.  For this example, I'm going to use the Leopard Gecko forum (seeing as the pic I've selected is a leopard gecko hatching out of her egg).

Now, I'm sure if you're looking at this page you already know how to post a regular message, so I don't need to go into that :)

Posting your message

This is where it starts getting a little tricky.  If you noticed, the URL for my image pointed to...

So I shall use that URL for this example.  The code I would need to enter to put that image in my post is...

  • <img src="">

That's it, as simple as that.  If my image were located at, the line I would use would be

  • <img src="">

This is using HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language), and allows posting of multiple images in a single message.  This is a good way to post your images, as it gives you more control of the positioning of images in between your text.  You could also simply paste the address of the image into the "Image URL :" box at the bottom of the posting page like this...

Using the "Image URL :" box

This will put the image at the bottom of your post when being read by others.  After putting the image in your page, simply click "Preview Message" to see if it looks as intended.  This is one way to make sure your post has the image included in it, and avoids you having to post loads of "photo posting test" messages :)

Using the HTML method, here is a screenshot of the message after it has been posted.

The Final Message

I received an E-Mail asking me how to post multiple images in a single post on the forum.  This can only be done using the HTML method, and is just as straight-forward as posting a single image.  All you have to do is put them straight after each other.

  • Caption for first image
    <img src="">
    Caption for second image
    <img src="">
    Caption for third image
    <img src="">

Please try not to post more than 3-5 images per post, as dialup users can take a long time to download all the pics if you put tons there.  If you need to, you can post several messages to show all the images :)

Good luck, and happy posting!!! :)

John (Axe -

Page content & all images are copyright John Aldred 2001-2002. is Copyright 2002.