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Classified Account Marketing Tips

Are you getting the most out of your classified ads? Millions of dollars worth of pet related products and supplies have been sold through our classified systems since we started in 1997.

Below are some marketing tips to help you sell more stuff and grow your business using by using the classified advertising system and its features and options more effectively.

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Have you filled out your Classified Vendor Profile yet?

All classified account holders have a Vendor Profile that not only allows them to manage their advertisments, but the public version also displays links to their web site, and their social media accounts, as well as a descriptive paragraph, a background image and much much more. They are also included in a Classified Vendor Directory free of charge once activated. If you have a classified account activate your Vendor Profile today by going to

Are you crosslinked?

Are you linked, listed , and participating in all the right places? If not you could be missing out on opportunities.

Many of our systems are interlinked to your username and if you have different kinds of accounts your data may be linked or utilized in multiple places. Many of you already use some of these, such as using images from your pethobbyist photo gallery in your classified ads or in your message board posts, but did you know there are even more?

For example, did you know that if you have a business directory listing, that directory listing has links not only to your web site and social media pages but also to your photo gallery and your classified ads. For an example click on to take a look.

As more and more of our systems cross link, small things you can do can dramatically increase your visibility.

To sign up for business directory services, please go to

Mass and Search Engines - He who has the most links wins?

Did you know that your classified advertising posts can improve your search engine rankings on some of the more popular search engines? Did you know they can also destroy them just as easily? It's TRUE! Many search engines used to use the number of links to your web site from pages on other web sites as one of the factors to determine your web sites popularity and thus its site ranking. In other words the more advertisements in our classifieds you had that linked back to your site, the better your search ranking in many search engines. Now that practice is considered "link stuffing" and the much smarter algorithms of today will actually penalize a web site for too many links. The linking buttons and fields in's classified forms have been excluded from these search spiders and will not impact your site rank negatively so if you use them you will be safe. However if you use too many hand entered links in the body of your advertisement, your likely to be penalized.

Do you have the right classified account for your business?
Standard Vs. Enhanced Classified Accounts

For many of our users, a standard classified account is more than enough to sell what they have online, but some of those users may be missing out on important options that can increase their business.

Not only does an enhanced account give you the ability to upload a small banner and pick a highlight color for the section index, it also gives you click tracking to allow your to see how effective your advertising is, and gives you the ability to set your advertisements to re-list themselves automatically.

Most dry goods and other products that don't see radical fluctuations in price may be posted and then set to relist automatically. This feature is especially useful for vendors with large catalogs, especially catalogs that crossover into different segments of the pet marketplace. This means that you could literally post hundreds of ads across all our communities, once, set them up to automatically re-list themselves, then just edit them or delete them or add new ones as needed. As long as your classified advertising account is kept current, your ads would run forever. To upgrade your standard classified account to an enhanced account click here.

We don't sell direct, how can we use your system?

If you are the manufacturer or distributor of a product that is only sold through retailers or resellers, you can still post advertisements for your products on our classifieds. In fact manufacturers and distributors of dry goods that do not sell their products directly to the public, may post classified advertisements that contain links to the specific products being sold by their retailer(s), reseller(s). (This exception does not apply to livestock.) You may also post ads that have no prices or links to retailers in the wholesale section.

Are you missing export sales?

If you are a reptile oriented business that is a licensed importer/exporter, export to Europe or Canada, and you are not posting ads to our European and Canadian classifieds, you are probably missing new customers and sales.

Pictures say 1000 words, and sell more products as well

Nothing is worse advertising than to have a grainy, blurry image of the product you are trying to sell, except for maybe no photo at all, maybe. If you plan on selling more than 1 or 2 items, a good digital camera or camera phone is a must.

Keep your ads tidy

Your advertisements are your business image online, and if your ads look sloppy so will your business. Mis-spelled words, poor images, broken links and other classified advertising faux paux will reflect poorly on your business and will dramatically decrease the interest in your products and services.

Its better to ask first!

We have a lot of rules in our classified system, some are for administrative reasons, others are to prevent fraud and criminal activity on our sites. If you have a question about whether it is appropriate to post something or not, or where it is most appropriate to post it, ask our classified admins first, and save yourself the aggravation of having an ad deleted or moved. Ask your Classified Question Here!  


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