This page is dedicated to the dissemenation of knowledge regarding the North American Ratsnake species. These include the genera Elaphe, Bogertophis, and Senticolis. All of these taxa are moderately large to very large colubrids that inhabit extremes of habitat ranging from true deserts in Baja California and the Big Bend of Texas to upland coniferous forests in the Appalacians and in southern Canada.

This page covers each species and subspecies of ratsnake found in North America. Both wild and captive color and pattern variations are documented - however, with the ever-increasing numbers of cornsnake cultivars appearing on the market, I am bound to miss something. If you find that I've missed something that you've been working on or that you have a particular interest in, feel free to contact me about authoring your own write-up.

Enjoy! Troy Hibbitts

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