Ratsnake of the Month

Each month, a particular ratsnake or ratsnake specimen will be featured. Unlike the Alterna of the Month, this site will not be restricted to captive born animals or to animals that are even in captivity.

Previous Winners

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Sorry to all - I have been experiencing technical difficulties with my web page creation software, and have been remiss in correcting those problems due to end of school year obligations and to my involvement with the TP&WD's proposed regulations embrolio (I hope I spelled that right!). So heres the March - June Ratsnakes of the Month.


So, without further ado, the March 1998 Ratsnake of the Month goes to . . .

the original wild-caught Trans-Pecos Ratsnake albino from US Hwy 277

Photo byDon Soderberg


The April 1998 Ratsnake of the Month is a wild-caught, Hypomelanistic Great Plains Ratsnake caught and photographed by Bryan Box


The May Ratsnake of the Month is a scaleless Texas Ratsnake which was sold recently to an unknown individual. Apologies to the photographer - I have misplaced your name. Please contact me and I will correct this on this page.


Finally, the June Ratsnake of the Month is an albino Gray Ratsnake, owned by VPI Pythons and photographed by Troy Hibbitts.