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Chat Transcript
Kevin McCurley 4/27/00

JeffB good evening and welcome to's guest chat
JeffB tonight our guest is Kevin McCurley of New England Reptile Distributors
JeffB these ar the rules for tonights chat
JeffB please don't post until its your turn
JeffB I will tell you when it is your turn
JeffB we will use the name list as the sequence
JeffB tonight we will start from the bottom
JeffB no name changing
JeffB Im watching
SecretSquirrel my question isn't about ball pythons..... I know, I'm a rebel..... Kevin, I'm wondering how that albino water is doing? how did you obtain it? are there any others?
theundead Ok, i can add that too
theundead He is almost wormed and hates me!!
theundead Getting big and fat and living with 2 fat females i raised
theundead when I first got him he was skinny and full of tapewroms and other nasties
theundead It amazed me when isaw all the worms come out..i was like god i'm gonna lose him
SecretSquirrel ok, Thanks Kev
Mattmorelia Kev, okay, please set the record straight if you can... Are there any actual leucistic Ball Pythons out there and if so, when do you expect it will be a proven trait?
theundead I don't really know if there are any alive...
theundead if there were i would think we would see some sort of picture
theundead I would think they are lack of pigment...that is genetic
theundead not a random thing
LanceH the question everyone has been afriad to ask
LanceH Kevin.......boxers or briefs?
JeffB speedo
theundead panties!!
inlands1 Kev , im in australia so i dont see a lot of ball pythons, with the wild stock you get can you tell me what your usual strategy for deparasitation is, type of drugs etc.
theundead Takes a bit of time to get used to them
theundead most balls don't have a huge parasite load
theundead Obvious ticks are the first thing to remaove
theundead I like to flagyl them but now a days I rarely bother to panacur unless they need it!
theundead flagyl for protazoas..they can be a problem if not dealt with
theundead You worm them when they come in and repeat in 10-14 days to interupt the parasites life cycle
theundead with ball pythons it is important to let them settle in and start looking for food before pushing things on them
hadesr When everyone says Morph, exactly what does it mean in your eyes? I look it up in books, dictionaries, and ask lots of people but every definition is different, mine is differant than other people's. What exactly is a 'Morph'? More specifically, what makes a weird ball python be classified as a morph?
theundead Morph...
theundead Hmmmm good oneok
theundead morph means anything that is definately out of the ordianry
theundead I usually want them to be genetic
hadesr kewl
theundead I have seen many people call some slightly odd snakes all sorts of names and calling them morphs when they are not weird enough to me to call such things
JeffB bobM go ahead
BobM kev,if the rumor is much will the price for albino balls decrease this year and if so what is the main reason why?
theundead I think many people invested in them and this will be a good year for prodcution...satisy the demand and the price waivers
theundead I think in the 5,000-5,500 this year
BobM> will the price decrease drastically?
BobM ok thanks
JeffB BillC go ahead
theundead produce something in low numbers and have more people than you can supply and name the price
theundead No, I don't think so.
BillC You have many reptiles, however, are there any that you would like to get in the near/far future that you have not already have the opportunity to work with yet?
theundead always
BillC what kinds?
theundead I like lots of the lizards and frogs..
theundead man, I like hemeted iguanas....cuban anoles that I want to breed
theundead So many to make life!
JeffB bigbamboom go ahead
bigbambowi> what do you see in the future for Albino Retics
theundead as far as snakes go i hve done most of them and now I am trying to fine tune my needs
BillC thank you kevin
theundead ugghh.. that is a hard one...When one person is trying to cut the others throat it gets tough
theundead i think that was done out of spite for Bob...he price is gonna bail!t
theundead They really are pretty!!
bigbambowi yes they are, one of my fav
theundead very much sooo
Mattmorelia Why does EVERY axanthic adult pic I have ever seen have a brown snake in it? I know babies hatch out killer black and white, but EVERY adult seems to be brown despite the owners protests and claims they do not... and I know a bunch of people claim they have NO brown, but I simply do not believe it... What is the deal??? Any opinions?
theundead Ok...good one
theundead I too have seen many of these picts and feel the same way
Mattmorelia YEP! :)
theundead i think many of these snakes are not proven and they think they are axanthic
theundead i know the ones I have are the real deal...I am real picky about them!
Mattmorelia What about the proven ones???!!! They TOO have brown!!!
theundead I can think of a few sites where i am like what...that is brown!!
theundead No way!!
JeffB lanceh
theundead There are not alot of them out are right and you should be careful of what you are looking at
LanceH Do you foresee breeder starting to use the dwarf retics to start making the more popular retic morphs, tiger and super tiger, more appealing to collectors who may have previously been scared to purchase a retic because ot the size issue?
theundead yes, it seems a good idea...i will focus on them this next season
theundead new part of the game for them!
LanceH :)
theundead I really focused on the balls this year and let the retics have the season off for the most part!
mustaine7 whats a dawrf retic?
theundead they stay small...locality animal
theundead males typcially less than 6-7' and females less than 9' typically
JeffB ]hadesr go ahead
hadesr What are Heterzygous? I know generally what they are but if so many of those are around why arent there not more albinos? ((i think im talking nonsense))
theundead Heteros are the definate gene of a simple recessive mutaton
theundead albino breeds a known normal
theundead the babies come out all normal looing but all carry the recessive gene of albinism
theundead when bred back to the parent albino in theory
theundead half of the babies should be albinos and half of the babies hets!
BoaCnstJon Can I ask a question to go along with this topic, or do I gotta wait?
theundead when two hets breed each other 25% should be albino..50% hets and 25 normals
JeffB boa your next so just hang on
theundead one second
BoaCnstJon Ok
theundead The problem lies here
theundead Ball pythons lay small clutches and sometimes the odds don't come out all that well and people may miss the albino or whatever the mutation is
theundead they may produce only a few and hold them back
theundead you have to trust the breeder that thye reallly do hav ethe mutation and their records and technique is proper
theundead ok?
theundead do I need to clarify?
JeffB hades?
hadesr yes?
JeffB does that give you your answer?
hadesr sort of
JeffB BobM go ahead
theundead zzzzzz.......
BobM kevin, out of the 5000 sq ft facility(i think thats what you said) u have ure herps in....which take up the most room and which herp do u have most of??
theundead ask me then
theundead retics and ball pythons
BobM ok
theundead then monitors, green trees....anancondas
theundead alligators
BobM thx kevin
theundead yep
BoaCnstJon Someone asked if there have been any studies done to show whether or not Boa and BP's can gain from being housed together, or if if they end up degrading...any opinion??
theundead Gain? In what sense?
BoaCnstJon In terms of physically benifiting
theundead Healthy or unhealthy?
BoaCnstJon I understand that anatomically snakes cannot understand the feeling of love, etc.
theundead ok, I don't think there would be ANY benefit
theundead I am now saying it would be bad but they are pure animals and nature has them 100% as they are
BoaCnstJon They proposed the idea that snakes actually benefit greatly from being together
BobM brb
theundead I think it may spiff an animals day up...yes
BoaCnstJon The eat better, look better, are more healthy, etc
BoaCnstJon I disagreed...
theundead They are not stupid and may need some stimulation
theundead as far as more healthy that is a hard one to gues...better if housed with same species
mustaine7 you havent seem my ball python then
BoaCnstJon I always thought that another would cause stress
theundead but as pets i know it can work fine
BoaCnstJon If snakes had the capability of producing affection, then I would think otherwise
BoaCnstJon But since snakes are normally solitary animals..
theundead affection i don't know...but they often like to interact with the keeper
BoaCnstJon Some that would add to that, is BP's and Boa's come from two entirely different habitat
theundead ball pythons are not!
mustaine7 mine is
JeffB my turn.... Kev what shows will NERD be at this year
theundead they group together during parts of the season
theundead Daytona..I do shows here on the eat coast and don't go much farther than penn.
theundead I hate traveling...
theundead stress!!!
theundead going herping in LA and the mississ
JeffB mustaine7
theundead ok, I was wondering
mustaine7 is stripe bps been proven?
mustaine7 has?
theundead ok
theundead black stripe yes
theundead genetic stripe reen head types yes
theundead average gold stripe...NO
mustaine7 is it rescive?
JeffB mattmorellia go ahead
Mattmorelia If two pastels bred together made opal pastels, then what will two opal pastels bred together produce? Going for a catchy name here... The opals are pretty neat. Going to produce any this season? (Also, in reguards to the Axanthic. Why don't you bring a killer black and white adult down to Daytona and make me a believer!) :)
theundead ok...they are
theundead I think when tow supers are together it is going to give us one weird snake
Mattmorelia yep
theundead I am going to do lemon to lemon..that should be great...getting eggs in a few days
theundead Axanthics are not black and whtie as adults...gray and black with white more like...have you see the picts on my site?
Mattmorelia yes
theundead How about pastel jungle toa spider...two co dominats fighting...this year!!!
theundead have you been to the ball python gallery axanthci page?
Mattmorelia I still see light browns! maybe my monitor is off...
Mattmorelia Yep, I have
theundead No browns to compare against!
JeffB itzme goa ahed
JeffB go ahead
itzme Is anyone breeding Russian tortoises? I've been unable to find a CB
theundead nope....Really they are not tan..I would never put them up!!! you are color blind!!
Mattmorelia hahaha... if I was I would not see brown or tan! :) Hehehe
theundead Russian torts are great...i have a bunch i am raising....
theundead need to be bigger..i think cb ones are rare!!!
theundead More stuff like that in the years to come as we get settled into projects
itzme You are breeding? Now?
theundead the wc ones are great...
theundead I keep them will breed someday..right now have a group to focus on..
itzme It would be neat to start with a hatchling
theundead I bet they look real cute!
theundead 10-150 easy for one!
theundead $100-150 I maenat
itzme Are they hard to breed or just not worth the effort?
theundead can't type tonight
theundead I think they would be easy to breed need them to be bigger to breed most come in just 4"
JeffB inlands go ahead....
inlands1 what do you consider to be the biggest problem associated with a large collection as far as the health of the snakes goes.
theundead takes time to raise..need to hibernate them over winter
theundead resp infections
theundead bad air
theundead poor husbandry
inlands1 more so than parasites or virus
theundead not using bleah for dishes
theundead yep
inlands1 interesting
theundead parasites are a problem in the beginning but you know they are there so you worm them and hopefully all goes well
inlands1 so do you have a lot or problem with resp infection
theundead virus can be brutatl but i have sen very little of it..
theundead i have had it and it wailed some small boas....i was complete
theundead alot of problems..hmmm no..not alot but when you cool animals down and try to breed them hard you work them it is thier way of telling you enough time to feed me and heat me up!
theundead just have to wathc them for signs of too much\
JeffB hadesr go ahead
hadesr About keeping boas and BP's together. I work against that. SPSAC has seen too many pet store that do keep them together, spreading dieseases, ticks, mites and stuff. I am totaly against keeping them together. Not only does it put more stress on both animals it just isnt right. I do have a ball python and red tailed boa that i take out at the same time, they avoid eachother. I wouldnt dream of putting them in the same cage even for a day.No ques
theundead use bleach on all dishes and don't cross conataminate
theundead ok, I understand that and in a pet store that would be a better place for prblems than a small collection where someone has a nice large vivarium and wants to keep both together
hadesr it still isnt right
theundead I am not supporting it but I know it works!
BoaCnstJon I think if the Vivarium is big enough, maybe, but most aren't...
theundead I am thnk about the guy with a few snakes
BobM> kevinwhat are some of the morphs of balls that have not been proven or even known of in existence that you would like to produce or even purchase in the future?...And if so which is most impressive or important to you as business goes?
JeffB yes FYI Kev is writing the ultimage pall python morph guide for
BobM cool
JeffB ultimate
theundead wll that is a bunch of stuff to answer
theundead there are sooo many mutaions that are coming and i have a hard time waiting for them
theundead maybe this year a striped albino...a real killer is coming!!!
theundead I would like to do desert ghost!
theundead Spider to spider
BobM cool thx
Mattmorelia Spider mites
theundead spider to pastel
BobM what is the most important to u out of all of them?
theundead an albino spider
theundead pastel
BoaCnstJon I think the Sutherland's had talked about Spider to Pastel
theundead the list is endless and that is exactly what I am working on..
BobM oh ok well thx i apprecite
BobM appreciate it
theundead I am doing the spider pastel thing..i am the only one who can!!
JeffB BigAliens go ahead
Bigaliens What is your take on local specific Chondros and what kind of documantation for same to you get as varification?
theundead You want to know if they exist?
theundead and how I know it?
theundead They are locality specific..this I am sure of
Bigaliens I knoiw they exist...what proof do you have?
theundead i know my green trees
Bigaliens What proof do you get and give?
theundead Say more
theundead Locality...the adults are collected from areas and then used as stock..i am able to follow the route..know the source..they map out as I describe
theundead What do you want me to a scub like area and the animals look a certain way!! Fact!
theundead Biak I meant!
Bigaliens Not so easy with Mainland Jaya I'm afraid
theundead You are right...they call it birdshead
theundead just like guyanas and surinams...they intermingle
theundead we just recognize the atypcial descriptions
inlands1 have you worked with venomous
< theundead yes, I love them
inlands1 types?
theundead whatever...pits and elapids most
inlands1 any ozz elapids
theundead basic..i want to get a group of kings this year...really like!!
theundead Have a bunch of veneomoid ones that are great to work with
theundead going collectin next week
inlands1 sorry hate that word
theundead I really don't take much..just like to catcha nd fiddle then let go
JeffB Corey go ahead
CoreyE Kev I was just wondering if you had any cb candoia for sell and if so which ones?
theundead I have a few halamaheras tht are perfect and fat
CoreyE any new guinea trees?
theundead I should have babies of the same type soon
theundead no, no cb's
CoreyE thanks
JeffB boa
BoaCnstJon Are beardies arboral at all?? And if not naturally, will they if in captivity??
theundead not really...they like rocky banks at best
BoaCnstJon arboreal too
BoaCnstJon Ok
theundead too clumsy..but cute
JeffB BG go ahead
BGenius What weird hybrids are you working on right now?
inlands1 beardies as in bearded dragons?
theundead not big climbers
BoaCnstJon Yea
inlands1 beardys are great climbers
theundead I do hybrids but not much this head to a macklotts..maybe this year
theundead waitng for her to ovulate
BGenius WOW
BGenius interesting
JeffB inlands here in the states the only things beardys get to climb is generally glass
theundead If she ovulates..her follicles are big!
inlands1 ive seen them up top of trees
BGenius that will be pretty neat looking
theundead inlands you cathc them there?
inlands1 yeah
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