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Chat Week 98 Transcript
12/7/98 - Kam Tepedelen

jeffb - I want to go ahead and welcome
jeffb - Kam Tepedelen of bushmaster retiles
Bushmaster - Hello everyone!
jeffb - Kam will be chatting on new species in indonesia

jeffb - while were at this point I want to remind everyone of the rules
jeffb - I will ask each of you if you have a question...if you don't please enter pass
jeffb - please do not ask questions out of turn
PyroMJI - Don't because jeff and joherp and jeffl will swarm you with "SHHHH!"

jeffb - here we go... moderators first....
jeffb - Kam I asked bob this .... why is it important for you to be a member of NRAAC
Bushmaster - It is important for EVERYONE to be a member, because our future is being f*** ed with, and it will be trouble not only for people interested in keep native herps, but also it will set a prescedent for the future if some of these states continue to pass this crazy kind of legislation
joherp - Kam, are there any black d'alberts coming in? I want!!!
Bushmaster - Yes, but not many. The locality for these is not easily accessable, and it makes it difficult for the collector to get them back to our farm quickly, and in good shape.

BaliGoldRetic - On the Bali retic issue, what are your thoughts of them? do you believe they exist or that there are now retics on Bali.? And if so what sizes have you seen or heard of come from Bali.....
Bushmaster - Bali Retics are defininitely on Bali, however the dwarf thing is a big hoax. Bali Retics will reach 17 to 18 feet. they just aren't finding them, because the habitat is gone, and the snakes are breeding at a much smalller size
BaliGoldRetic - the ones i have come from a wc female that was 10'..
BaliGoldRetic - just curious, and thanks
Bushmaster - Yes, I agree, but that doesn't mean the animal won't attain a greater length. worked with Rick Shine, and Peter Harlow from Australia on this issue, and they just found that animals were sexualy mature at a smaller size than people thought.

BaliGoldRetic - cool thanks..

BigPoppaPython - How many eggs at a time do super tiger retics lay?
Bushmaster - I don't know

ChrisK - What is your impression of the future potential importation of some of these new monitor species? Examples: V. melinus, yuwonoi, Halmahera blue-tails, new timorensis morphs, as well as V. salvadorii?
Bushmaster - I will be able tell you more when I return from Indonesia. I am hoping to persuade the Indonesian government to make a quota for these animals, but it is actually a rather long process, and might take some time. Right now, I would say not good.

jeffb harold do you have a question for kam?
harold - Blue monitors from Buru? Seen any lately? Yuwono says there are NO blues found on Buru.
Bushmaster - Well, I might disagree. I haven't seen any lately, and I'm sure I won't until I get to Indo.
harold - when are you going
Bushmaster - Not exactly sure, but soon.

jeffb igmom do you have a question?
Igmom - I hate to ask but...what does herptofauna mean anyway?
Bushmaster - Well, I think it refers to the reptiles and amphibians
Igmom - natives?
Bushmaster - Sure!
Igmom - okay, thanks!

jeffc - Kam, OK I asked Bob about Boelens Pythons. If you did not have any Boelens Pythons and did not have access to your partner and friends in Indonesia, and you just had to try keeping and breeding them, would you buy a WC import for a grand or two or wait for a CB one for 10 grand? Do you think anybody is going to soon figure out why CB ones don't seem to be doing much better than WC ones?
Bushmaster - Ok, I'll try, but this is one I REALLY want to answer, and I will stay late!
ChrisK - good question jeffc.....i was going to have to burn a turn on that one. :)
Bushmaster - Ok, first of all it is a problem of economics. Beyond that, the only person who has EVER offered CH Boelens for $10,000.00ea was Doug Price. I have for three years now offered CH Boelens for anywhere from $6,000.00 to $7,500.00ea. As far as the track record. I can tell you I have had absolutey no problem with the ones which I have hatched here myself. They are a bit finicky to start feeding, but once they do, look out! I can't imagine why people are having trouble with these animals, as they are perfect!

midy - where can I please find info on blue tail monitors, blue monitors, and any new species of lizards
Bushmaster - Oh boy, well, are you looking for literature, or text?
midy - anything, on the web would be great, or where ever I can get it
jeffb you could start in the monitor forum at
Bushmaster - I don't know much about the web. Youb can feel free to contact me, and I will tell you all I know. as for literature, you can try Mertens.
midy - ok, thanks
midy - mertens? sorry not familar with them
Bushmaster - Mertens has published extensively, but in the 40's and 50's. The recent stuff is not so available, and it definately not accurate!

sedgwic - und vhat does kam tepedelan breed? sorry about my ignorance
Bushmaster - Not much! I'm really an importer!

Okie_Python - There seems to have been a marked increase in _candoia_ssp_ of late. How does this affect the wild populations and how are these going to affect the trade/hobby?
Okie_Python - Importation is my concern
Bushmaster - Well, there have been some new Candoia coming into the market, and they are all interesting. I don't really know how it will effect the commercial market, excet to say that just like anything else supply and demad if the key factortor, and when Indo shuts down, youcan be sure the price and the demand will go up!

Ono - Kam: Any theories as to why boeleni have proven so difficult to breed in captivity, even when working with healthy long term adults??
Bushmaster - I think it has to do with cycling. In nature, they don't really have a cold season, just a really rainy season. On top of that I think the females are triggered to ovulate by food intake.

Oss - Kam you mentioned when Indo shuts down, can you elaborate?
Bushmaster - I'd rather not at this point!
Oss - and v melinus, when will you be able to import these again?
Bushmaster - Maybe!
Oss - Is captive breeding our only short term hope?
Bushmaster - YES, defininitely!

RichH - I am very interested in asian elaphe. I would like to acquire several types for breeding projects but many wc's do not do well in captivity. Is this because they are in bad shape before they are even imported or is that the majority are just difficult to keep? Had more detail in this question but it was also booted.
Bushmaster - Asian Elaphe are very tough!
jeffb - could you elaborate.... tough to keep or tough as in.... tough
Bushmaster - Asian eplphe traditionally arrive in terrible shape. It takes a skilled person to acclimate them properly, and even then we take our fair share of losses.

Sacha - Kam, have you heard first hand of accounts of Elaphe porphyracea laticincta (ssp.nov.) from Sumatra (besides from K-D Schulz), and do you expect to import any in the future? What about other E. porphyracea ssp. like E. p. kawakamii?
Bushmaster - We are currently working on Elaphe porphracea from Sumatra, but so far no luck! Sorry!

t-rick - Have you seen anything new and exciting lately,import or otherwise?
Bushmaster - In the last 6 years, there have been many new, and and rediscovered reptiles from Indomesia. It will continue, as long as Indo stays open for trade.
Bushmaster - Well, really the only Candoia that has been discoverd is the one from halmhera. It is currently in press, and will have a new name very soom. It was discovered on an expedition in 95.

alansnake - Kam,do you know Frankie Ban Ban and have you ever dealt with him ?
Bushmaster - no
alansnake - You don't know him ?
Bushmaster - No, I don't knoe anybody named Frankie Ban Ban. However, there is a Frank Bambamg, and he is ok.
alansnake - That'S the one I meant
alansnake - Different spelling in Japanese

Billm - Kam, do have any Mandarina, WC or do you know of anyone who may..fairly healthy?
Bushmaster - At the moment, I don't have any mandarina. Now is the WORST time to buy imports. The snakes that are coning in from China now, have been held for months, and are in very poor condition. The best time for these is in May
Billm - Thanks for your time!! from all of us

ChrisK - Kam: You mentioned the prospect of Indo closing, and then quickly backpedaled when pressed for details, so I'll just ask you this: Do you have reason to believe Indo might be closing down imports in the near future?
Bushmaster - yes
ChrisK - thanks..

jeffc - Kam, Okay I promise not to ask about Boelens again. Do you expect many more interesting boids will be discovered in the future in Indo?
Bushmaster - If Indo continues to stay open, then yes, we will definately find more.

RichH - Do you ever get in gravid asian elaphe and have success hatching their eggs?
Bushmaster - Yes, I have hatched mandarina, morllendorffi, porphracea, just to name a few. The trick is to go there and spend a month.

Sacha - Do you ever get WC Elaphe prasina or Elaphe frenata?
Bushmaster - Hey what happened to Indonesia?
jeffb LOL
Bushmaster - Actually we've just started getting frenata on a semi regular basis, and no gravid ones to date. E. prasina we never get wild caught ones.
Sacha - Thanks!

t-rick - Do you think Indo should shut down to protect the wild populations?
Bushmaster - No, I don't think it will have one tiny bit of effect on the wild population. I'm not just saying this from an importers point of view either, the actual ammount of wild reptiles taked wild is very small compared to the habitat.
Bushmaster - You have to remember, Indonesia is the 4th or 5th largest country in the world.

alansnake - Kam,Have you ever been to Bangka ?
Bushmaster - Yes, I have been to Banka.

jeffb ok guys its getting late ... kam do you want to continue?
Bushmaster - I think now is a good time to say good by. Lets do it again sometime.
t-rick - Thanks Kam...
midy -> thinks for the chat, and the answers, nite, everyone
jeffb ok .... I want to thank everyone for coming.... remember we have anotherchat for tomorrow night and kam will be back soon
jeffb as will bob clark and a bag full of other great guests
REDDD - see ya kam.thanks

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