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Chat Week 98 Transcript
12/11/98 - Jeff Ronne - The Boaphile

TheUNDEAD - Jeff, you can elaborate on your cranberry boas, can't you??
The_Boaphile - No got cranberries.
The_Boaphile - Not even at Thanksgiving.
TheUNDEAD - Yes, your real nice high pink genetic boas!!
The_Boaphile - Pink is a SAHWEEET color!

Snake--Eyes - In your opinion Jeff, what is the deal with all the Hypos,?
Snake--Eyes - some people claim their are alot of fake Hypos out there
The_Boaphile - Hypos are a new morph which works like the "Tiger" retic morph.
Snake--Eyes - how do you tell the real deal?
The_Boaphile - Dominant
TheUNDEAD - Co Dominant??
Snake--Eyes - and how long have you been breeding them?
The_Boaphile - The "Orange Tails" and "Salmons" are the same genetic morph which decend from a common pair of animals.
The_Boaphile - They have a particular look which is very difficult to describe.
The_Boaphile - The black which circles the blotches on the tail is relaced by a light yellow color.
The_Boaphile - That is really the only major defining characteristic.

Okie_Boa - what time of year do you introduce your males and females together or do you keep them together all year
The_Boaphile - I usually start Male intro in Sept.
Okie_Boa - ALso when do you for see the price of Albinos coming down
Okie_Boa - How long do you leave your males with your females
The_Boaphile - I have had Colombians born in every month of the year except Oct.

Northern_Herp - What do you feel is the most important aspect to achive good breeding success
The_Boaphile - You must have a male and a female.
The_Boaphile - Its really quite simple.
The_Boaphile - Put them together. They do most of the work.
The_Boaphile - You must allow the female to thermoregulate between 82-86 degrees. Thats it.
The_Boaphile - Fat females. Skinny males.
TheUNDEAD - Quick interjection, what if she never drops below, will you get living babies??

moonwolf - what do you see as the up and comming boa spp. and morphs?
The_Boaphile - Oh now is when I am supposed to say everything I produce right?
jeffb - or your most expensive
The_Boaphile - Not really sure. I'd go with the colorful animals at this point and I am.
RichH - hehe
The_Boaphile - YES!!!
The_Boaphile - I am working on something...
The_Boaphile - I am trying to breed Hypos with the females that have produced my Pastels to produce relly screaming hypos
The_Boaphile - Hypos which don't turn ugly as adults like the orange tails which are much nicer as babies.

MGreathouse - I have a setup with one male and four female boas. The male has been in non-stop breeding mode for the last two+ months. He spends about 7 to 10 days pursuing a single female and then moves on to the next. In your experience, is it better to remove him for a rest, or let him go a little longer. Also - do you currently have a website?
The_Boaphile - Remove 3 of the 4 females and you will be more likely to produce young. Leave in the female he likes most.
The_Boaphile - NO REST!
The_Boaphile - Let him work like a dog because he will.

Mattmorelia - How do you feel about the idea that the first "snow" boa may NOT actually turn out to be a "true" snow as some people claim? (ie:yellow showing up in the animal now) Is there a possibility for a "true" snow?
The_Boaphile - Snow? HMMMM
The_Boaphile - You really need a axanthic boa in there to produce a true white animal.
Mattmorelia - Yeah
Mattmorelia - I thought so
Mattmorelia - Is there one?
TheUNDEAD - Or a Black Boa!!!
The_Boaphile - To my knowledge nobody has yet identified and axanthic Boas.
The_Boaphile - Seems like a longshot.

JChlebowy - I keep Hog Island boas, I have some light (ivory colored) and some orange morphs, so just wonderin if there are other Hog Island morphs available on the market? Because where I live (Europe) we are only few that breeds the "whole" orange morphs!!
The_Boaphile - Sure. there are some animals which are pink.
The_Boaphile - Really high pink.
TheUNDEAD - I saw some genetic striped ones!
The_Boaphile - Others which are really dark.
TheUNDEAD - genetic

Howard - Question from Howard: Is it possible to briefly explain the various color and pattern morphs and their genetics?
The_Boaphile - Not possible to do it briefly.
Howard - Didn't think so -- oh well!

ChrisK - you keep any lizards? ;)
The_Boaphile - No lizards. Sorry.

CD- - what is your opinion of locality specific boas, surinam etc. And do you do any locality breeding?
The_Boaphile - All I do to the best of my ability is locality breeding.
The_Boaphile - No deliberate crossing here! beauL - do u have any experiance with nicaraguan boas, what size do they breed at?mine are almost 2 years old and only 3 just curious to u'r thought.i have a true axanthic boa-shhh.'
The_Boaphile - I haven't seen any Boas which are known to have come from Nic. and as far as the axanthic boa Im not sure it would be possible to prove without breeding it to albinoa and anerythristic through many generations to produce a true "SNOW" .
The_Boaphile - I wouldn't believe it without that.
beauL - mine are from there, hand collected
beauL - grey and blue
The_Boaphile - Just because a Boa is grey and BLue does not mean it lacks the gene to produce yellow.
beauL - u just have to see it
The_Boaphile - Many Boas are quite grey but they are not axanthic neccesarily.
The_Boaphile - I don't believe. Sorry.
The_Boaphile - Different does not a mutation make.

Arrakis - Have you ever had a Red Tail Boa go thru the entire reproductive cycle,look gravid,but never produce any young?What could cause this to happen?
The_Boaphile - Sure
The_Boaphile - More times than I care to remember.
Arrakis - Whats the cause
The_Boaphile - I think it is possible for a female Boa to "reabsorb" her young but I think breeders all too ofter blaim this for the lack of babies and or slugs.
The_Boaphile - next

jeffb - Arabesque do you have a question
ARABESQUE - Two questions.....First Why do you keep MOCKING my Arabesque Boas?........ Second Question......
The_Boaphile - Go ahead Mr. Mask.
ARABESQUE - Is it true that you will be breeding some of the great looking boas that belong to the Boamaster?
The_Boaphile - Yes indead.
ARABESQUE - hehe :)
The_Boaphile - With a little luck will do.
The_Boaphile - next and thank you for the clever questions.
ARABESQUE - Just came to bug you

Abazal - Any future projects that you are particularly excited about with any new morphs that are not common as of yet?
The_Boaphile - I am breeding a couple special things this year.
The_Boaphile - My Love female #6 is really wild.
The_Boaphile - And hypos with really brightly Colored Colombians making , hopefully, much better hypos than we've seen untill this point.

jeffb - I have a pair of hogg Islands that seem to be rubbing there noses and damaging themselves.... # 1 what cages would you recommend #2 how to I resolve the rubbing
jeffb - Thay are 3.5 feet
The_Boaphile - Hoggs love to rub their noses.
The_Boaphile - They require a tall cage if possible and ot just a larger area to roam will ussually stop it.

STUART - Jeff how long have you left a baby that does not break its sac before you break it?
The_Boaphile - Babies
The_Boaphile - I love baby BOas!
The_Boaphile - I have had babies in the sack for over 12 hours.

STUART - Compare and contrast your views regarding the differences between Hypos and Salmon boas.
The_Boaphile - Salmons are Orange Tails outbred.
STUART - Out bred to what?
The_Boaphile - Orange aTail bred to a better looking Colombian.
STUART - Or rather from what?
The_Boaphile - That's my opinion based on the fact that they look so similar, both originate in Arizona and both seem to have this dominant trait. go ahead.

Vlad - Sure, isn't true that Columbians have more personallity than say a Surinam or Guyana?
The_Boaphile - They are more docile generally.

The_Boaphile - By the way my Email is
The_Boaphile - Any of you have any interesting Boas? Send me a photo via E-mail.

STUART - Do you see the boa market turning into the corn snake market?
jeffb - BoaBoy do you have a question?
Snake--Eyes - Have you ever heard of an Axanthic Boa? and if so what would determine it being so? I have something very interesting, i am working with and i wanted your opion on this. I think i may have something here. i typed this 30 min ago......LOL

TheBoaBoy - Do you do any Guyanan or Surinam Boas?
The_Boaphile - I have Surinams .
TheBoaBoy - No Guyanans what type of boa breeder are you?
The_Boaphile - Thank you

Tracy Barker - Well, I did want to say how much the Boaphile has added to our knowledge about boas. The article he wrote for reptiles was super. He was very giving with info that has taken him years to obtain. That is extremely generous. Thanks for getting me totally energized about boas Jeff!
The_Boaphile - thanks
jeffb - And thank you Jeff Ronne for being our guest tonight

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