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Chat Transcript
Denise Ferrara 3/1/00

JFORKS tonights guest is Denice Ferrara
GoldenGecko Hello -
JFORKS and her topic will be keeping and breeding terrestial geckos
JFORKS this as all kingsnake chats is a moderated chat
JFORKS please wait your turn to ask a question
JFORKS please have your questions ready
JFORKS or be ready to type pass if you don't have a question
JFORKS Bob Applegate sir....your turn
applegate What quantity of geckos are you keeping now? and species if the list is not too long
GoldenGecko Ok - Leopards primarily - Fat Tails - Pictus Geckos - Chondros - Knobs
GoldenGecko About 400 breeders
applegate Thankyou
JFORKS azgco, your turn
azgco hello, do you breed viper gecko and if so what tricks or tips could you give...Do you know where to get good caresheets if not ...why dont you write one for kingsnake..
GoldenGecko Yes we keep Vipers - no tricks they breed on their own with no help
GoldenGecko Our friend is writing an article that will be in Reptiles Mag on their care
azgco micheal hance..?
GoldenGecko I have never thought about writing one before
bensiegel how are things denice
GoldenGecko Great Thanks
JFORKS bensiegel, your turn sir
GoldenGecko Ask Away
bensiegel how is the albino production going--i am very excited to see the awesome stuff you guys will offer this season
GoldenGecko Production is great - We have 3 Albinos out now - with about 10 Hets out
BillC- what are some of your future breeding projects, with geckos or other wise?
bensiegel tangerine hypos--any unusual new morphs coming out
GoldenGecko Yes - Hopefully Patternless Tangerines
BillC- anything else?
GoldenGecko Melanistics, Black Golds and Possibly others
JFORKS Thirston
Thirston what sort of production do you have with nephrurus Stellatus, Levis, Pils etc...? and why aren't they advertised as much on your site?
GoldenGecko Only have Levis levis
Thirston why are there no pics under the NOW AVAILABLE section?
GoldenGecko We dont have any for sale at this time
JFORKS worm your turn
WormRaviv ok,
WormRaviv can i keep Pictus with madagascar hissing cockroaches?
GoldenGecko I would not recommend that
JFORKS xzibit
xzibit I've had a patternless leopard gecko before with a kink at the end of its tail and heard that,that was caused from when they used to heavily inbreed them is that true?If so were there any other defects?Anything that would jeapardise their health?
GoldenGecko This is true - I have seen kinked tails but its actually the tip that is slightly crooked - not in the bone structure
GoldenGecko I have also seen kinked spines and kinked base of tails
xzibitM ok
JFORKS ok..... JeffB
JeffB ok...
JeffB heres my question...
GoldenGecko great to hear
JeffB have you tried any of the 'prepared foods" such as T-Rex's gecko grub and if so what was your experience
JeffB sorry carlton ;)
GoldenGecko No I stick to what works for us and that is live crickets. We order 25,000 a week
JeffB ok thanks
Guest21191 How many geckos do you have breeding?
GoldenGecko About 400
Guest21191 wow.
JFORKS my turn, do you use any supplements? If so what kind?
GoldenGecko My favorite is Miner-All Indoor
GoldenGecko Super for stressed animals
nyworms Who sells it GG?
Guest21191 can you take the music off your web site it takes quite a long time to load some days ;)
GoldenGecko Wish I could - but everyone else likes it
JFORKS ty, bensiegel...your turn again
bensiegel i have a question-i have 2 leucistic females that were bred at the same time--the smaller animal has laid 2 clutches already--the larger girl is still holding her eggs, even though she was showing before the other female--she is literally huge and i am starting to worry-her tail is starting to thin and she looks as if she is going to explode-like she is egg bound or something
bensiegel what do i do
bensiegel its my albino males super seed
GoldenGecko This can be the case- If she is egg bound there are a few tricks that work- Soak her several times a day in warm water
GoldenGecko Or use oxytocin to help her pass the eggs
GoldenGecko You can get this at your Vet
GoldenGecko It works  
JFORKS pardon my interuption.
GoldenGecko Ok
JFORKS oxytocin works wonders in turtles, but so so in snakes, how is it for lizards?
GoldenGecko It is effective 80% of the time
bensiegel any dosage reccomendation-n\my vet is clueless-she one time performed liposuction on a bearded dragon(i am not kidding)
GoldenGecko I would suggest one tenth of a cc
thanks Sure JFORKS great, ty.....
BillC- I dont know if oyu had openly admitted it, or if it is opsted on your site, I havent visited it in a while, but i heard rumors of a high lavender albino leo that you were developing, is it true you were developing it or, atleast plan to?
GoldenGecko Next
JFORKS breptiles
JFORKS BillC go ahead
BillC- I dont know if oyu had openly admitted it, or if it is opsted on your site, I havent visited it in a while, but i heard rumors of a high lavender albino leo that you were developing, is it true you were developing it or, atleast plan to?
BillC- was it answered?
BillC- or is that off limits as well?
GoldenGecko There are many color morphs in the works. Possibly we will have some for sale next year
BillC- thank you
JFORKS hqreptiles, your turn
hqreptiles At what ambient temperatures do you keep your breeding animals?
GoldenGecko Sure
GoldenGecko 86-88
mburkett hello golden gecko
GoldenGecko hello Mike
JFORKS mburkett, your turn
mburkett I am just sitting in right now. thanks though
JFORKS michael
JFORKS your turn
Clay jfork you skipped me!!!!
JFORKS sorry clay
JFORKS excuse me micheal
JFORKS clay go ahead
ClayM are you going to get any wild cought leos
Clay new blood?
GoldenGecko Not anytime soon - we brought in 200 in this past fall
JFORKS ok nyworms
nyworms Do you feed pinkies? Live or frozen? What is the "secret" to get the Geckos to eat them?
GoldenGecko No secret many do not like them -
nyworms Anyone else have suggestions?
GoldenGecko We have allergies to Mice
JFORKS thirston
Thirston What do you think your edge over other breeders of your type is? I imagine it's a competitive market. You have one of the most thorough sites on the web but what do you consider your other advantages are?
GoldenGecko Number one in Customer Service
nyworms Quality! :-D
GoldenGecko Yes - awesome quality
JFORKS xzibit
xzibit Can you give me the basic description about spider geckos are in handleing ease of keeping and breeding and size they get?
xzibit how they are*
xzibit Or know where any care sheets are for them?
GoldenGecko these are crazy geckos - keep dry and hot - they love crickets - not easy to handle can be nippy
GoldenGecko full size is about 6"
xzibit They might be fun to watch in their habitat though
GoldenGecko They like to climb as well
JFORKS back to the top.....
JeffB lets see
JeffB of all the gecko species you have worked with which were the hardest to keep going?
GoldenGecko Easy one Holodactylus Africanus - African Clawed Gecko - Killed everyone I have ever owned
JeffB thx
JFORKS my turn, African Fat tails, you don't hear much about you have any neat morphs of these you are developing?
GoldenGecko We have Leucistics - which I feel are true Amels as well as some orange morphs
JFORKS arlow1...your turn
arlow1 r pictus hard to keep
GoldenGecko They are amongst the hardiest and easiest to keep and breed
JFORKS bensiegel.....
arlow1 thanks
bensiegel what are the albino hets you have hatched out from--what do they look like-the albinos you hatched-what do they look like?
GoldenGecko Hets are from both lines and resemble out Hypos - Our Albinos are from both lines and are identical
GoldenGecko Pink, lavender and white with Red eyes
bensiegel very interesting-the hets resemble hypos?
GoldenGecko forgot yellow too
GoldenGecko Yes they are loosing a great deal of pattern
JFORKS pardon my interuption...babies in general, do they lighten or darken with age?
bensiegel oh boy i am getting excited now--i definately want some of your hets to expand my bloodlines
GoldenGecko Depends on the genetic background - Hypos lighten with age
JFORKS breptiles
breptiles Hi Denice, Andy Ghertner from Boulder Reptiles here with a leo color morphs question. If you had to pick one leo color morph as your favorite (one that exists now or something that you'd like to eventually see developed) what would it be?
GoldenGecko Now my favorite is Hypo Tangerine - in the future works Solid Tangerine with red eyes would be the bomb for me
JFORKS geckoshef......
breptiles hahaha Denice Ferrara just said "the bomb" :)
geckoshef Good evening Denice. RU producing any snow leopards? also, what might you get if you breed snows with patternless?
GoldenGecko Snows are incubating now. This cross would produce an normal animal het for patternless
JFORKS hqreptiles.......your turn
geckoshef Thank you very much
hqreptiles Do any of your adult Leucistic Fat Tails have orange bands?
GoldenGecko Snows are line bred
mburkett meaning if you would please explain.
GoldenGecko yes the subadults do -
hqreptiles the adults dont?
GoldenGecko Adults tend to loose coloring during breeding season - Best colors are seen during sub-adult age
GoldenGecko Stress factor
hqreptiles ahhhh I see thanks.
Jeffle- G'day from Oz! I recently found some Diplodactylus taenicauda here. Is anyone working them there at home? How about Nephrurus wheeleri?
GoldenGecko wrong Question
Jeffle- why is that?
GoldenGecko This is not what we keep
JFORKS envious of JeffLe- anyhow herpin in oz
Jeffle- haha
JFORKS mburkett
JFORKS one of these days.....
JFORKS oz or bust
mburkett you said that the snows were line bred can you explain? selectily bred
mburkett selectivly bred??
GoldenGecko yes - we take geckos with similar traits and breed them together. We keep back all those that are lacking in certain color or pattern. They are inturn bred back to great
GoldenGecko Grandfathers this is how we bring out certain traits
GoldenGecko this is not inbreeding
mburkett ok, thanks. So that is basicly the same for the tangerine lines then
GoldenGecko Yes it is
JFORKS wonkatoo
JFORKS wonkatoo your turn
JFORKS going once
wonkatoo Okay,
GoldenGecko Next
wonkatoo I was wondering what your take on people trying to breed Fat-tails and Leos? Is it possible?
wonkatoo together that is ...
GoldenGecko They are from the same family but from to seperate regions. I have heard of it being done - I dont think that they are genetically compati
GoldenGecko Compatible - I would like to see if it is possible though
mburkett sorry for the interruption, goodnight Denice. Talk to you soon.
JFORKS night mike
GoldenGecko g'night Mike
well... what do you think about Coleonyx
GoldenGecko I have worked with all the legal species and think they are great and fun too work with.
GoldenGecko They deserve more credit
JFORKS have you ever collected brevis in Texas?
GoldenGecko I have never done my own field collecting but someday I would like to do it
bensiegel i have a question--i had one of my poss hets lay eggs in the calci carb sand--they were found within a couple of hours but although still alive the sand seems concreted to the egg--will they live?any precautions to take
JFORKS go ahead ben :)
bensiegel thank you jforks
GoldenGecko No this happens here quite often - Just make sure you have ample Humidity levels of 80% or higher in your incubation box
GoldenGecko They will live
bensiegel thank you--one last question--is it true ty is coming out with a leopard gecko beannie
bensiegel hehehheh
GoldenGecko Yes its is called the Golden Gecko Beanie
JFORKS onlinehobbyist,, Jeff and I would all like to thank Denice for taking time out to be with us tonight
JeffB thank you for your time
GoldenGecko You are Welcome - It was fun
JFORKS we appreciate you sharing your hard earned knowledge with us
GoldenGecko Anytime
JFORKS and look forward to having you back again
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