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August 27th 1998 Chat Transcript
Kevin McCurley New England Reptile Distributers

AModerator> Kev.... retics are native to the phillipines... those are several hundred islands what are the chances that weve only scracthed the color/size morph surface on those islands
[KevNERD] Ok, now remember I am a retic fiend, but geography I am a bit weak on some areas. I think there are some definate forms we have not yet found. Sels. and ambons and jampeas in the recent few years I got his one weird retic I named a Jaguar, has anyone seen the picts?? It is the only one I have seen and I think it is totally genetic

[Burm] I was at Steve Hammacks ( HISS ) house the other night , and he was - telling me about a melanistic ball python you had at a show. [Burm] He said it was jet black... have you bred this snake ? Do you know - if this color mutation is genetic ? [KevNERD] Yeah, I have one that is real black. Hypermelanistic [KevNERD] I bred it this past season and produced three clutches from it. I - can't imagine it not being genetic. Bred it to a to an albino too [KevNERD] Babies came out normal. [Foxglove] I have a neonate Burm that will not eat. I have dealt with Ball - python feeding problems in the past, but none of my techniques are working. - Any suggestions? [KevNERD] Have you put it in a deli cup over night with a rat pup?? [Foxglove] yes [KevNERD] How about scenting with chicken..chicks...soup?? [Foxglove] I have teased it as well, but no results. Haven't tried broth - yet, but the snake is getting weak [Foxglove] should I attempt tube feeding? [KevNERD] When you feel nervous I would go ahead and force feed. This will - always save the hassle of when you wait too long and the snake has nothing - left [KevNERD] Something small, dead soaked in water and gently put it down the - hatch. There is a trick to make it simpler. [KevNERD] When you put the food item in its throat..tickle its tail to make - it crawl forward..this really helps [JPP] What would cause a lump the size of an almond about an inch from the - vent on a baby brum? [KevNERD] Is it hard and moveable? [JPP] Its hard but not moveable seems to be in his digestive track [JPP] he eats well [KevNERD] If this snake has ever been dehydrated he could be blocked. [KevNERD] If this is the case I would soak it in shallow water for a day and - try to gently force it out [JPP] he's been soaked in warm water and hasn;t passed much of anything in - the last few days, he still feeds very well though AModerator> have you tried castor oil? [KevNERD] See if you can push on it...does it pass any stool? AModerator> caSTor [JPP] not that I have seen yet just a little uric acid on occasion (the - white stuff) [KevNERD] I have seen stuff that is almost dried fecal material. [KevNERD] Try passing it but watch not to push too hard or you could cause a - distended clocae(sp??) [Garret] Kevin, do you know of any retics that have proven to be true dwarfs through more than one generation, if so who has done it. [KevNERD] The Jampeas are totally dwarfs. Max size seems to be under ten. - Real slow growing!! [KevNERD] No question, the females lay eggs at 7' [Garret] How old are the ones in captivity, if you know? [KevNERD] I have a female I have had for 5 years and she is 7' Laid eggs... [KevNERD] The Jampeas are totally dwarfs. Max size seems to be under ten. [KsDude] Kevin,At what size can you usually breed blood pythons? [KevNERD] Good question. Bloods always screw me up because their lengths are - tricky to guess at(for me) [KsDude] i have the same problem. Don't want to try to early and have - problems [Larry] Kevin , have you seen any unusual savannah monitors this year ? [KevNERD] None, I used to get excited over the baby orange ones but as we - all know it is the color of the clay!! [KevNERD] Nothing cool with unconnected!! [RCD] Kevin, Do you breed balls 1 on 1 or group breedings? [KevNERD] Well, it depends on what morph I am trying. Multiples is always the best...but some of the - morphs are only rep. by one animal. [KevNERD] I will use single males, if they don't do anything I put multiple ones together to get them - going...then pull out the one I need [RCD] I see, so multiples are preferred [KevNERD] I think so, but sometimes I have males that are monster breeders [Garret] Kevin, given the ongoing weakness in the Russian Ruble, do you think the DOW is in a corrective phase or a bear market trend? [KevNERD] That was good garret!! AModerator> the strength of russian vodka offsets the weakness of the ruble [slitherjef] are retics nasty and big as every one says? [KevNERD] Retics are not nasty and ill tempered as people think [KevNERD] They are smart(as far as snakes go) Think about it this way [KevNERD] Many of the retics you see are imports.. [slitherjef] so c/b are nicer? [KevNERD] They are not collected in the lovliest manner, the people don't like them, all they are is - living pieces of meat. [KevNERD] So the snake makes it to the US and is sold. You now must convince it that you will not kill it - or hurt it. Trust must be established. Many people go about it all wrong. Don't grab them bhind the head - unless you must@ AModerator> my turn.... Kev is it true you have a tattoo that says " Born to raise cats"? [KevNERD] I like cats pookie!! [Burm] What is your favorite python of all ? [KevNERD] Retics and Papuan pythons. Both are very alert and I believe up there on the intelligence - level. Papuans are so cool!! [Burm] I agree with the intelligence level of retics ! [KevNERD] Most people know nothing about papuan pythons, they have a great personality!! [KevNERD] Remember, our pythons do recognise us!! [slitherjef] snakes can and will talk to us........tell us what they food ect. and they can - reconize there keepers too..........IMHO [Foxglove] I have a red-tail boa constrictor that is about 26 months old and only 2 feet long! Have you - seen this before? What could cause this? [Foxglove] she eats regularly and only gets fatter [KevNERD] Is the boa fat and healthy?? [KevNERD] Check her for amobea infections or other parasites. A recent(24 hour) fecal to the vet should - solve the problem [Foxglove] I have done that, he said she is fine [KevNERD] Does she shed alot?? [Foxglove] same as my others about once evry 6 weeks [KevNERD] I have seen some snakes with a protazoan infection in the larger intestine that failed to grow - but looked fine otherwise [Garret] Kevin, I have read some of your posts on the investment potential for ball pythons. Given their - sporadic feeding issues and susceptibility to infection, is $25,000 a wise investment? [KevNERD] They can be awesome feeders and more durable than any burm [KevNERD] They have a great potential and i'm finding it out more everyday as people want my babies [Garret] They can also be lousy feeders and die off, it was just a question? [KevNERD] Those are typically imports that have been through the ringer. There are tricks to correct the - problems [JPP] is 61 inches large for a mangrove monitor, where would I find a female large enough to breed with - him, he tries to eat all things smaller? [KevNERD] That is a biggie....that is enormous. He will beat up his potential mate. [KevNERD] Sounds more like some of my blue tails [JPP] rats I was hoping to breed him soon [RCD] do you use the day/night temp cycling method just to breed your pythons? [RCD] or do you use it year round? [KevNERD] Yes, it think that is nothing but a good thing. The light cycle seems to work for all. The - tempo thing varies to each species [KevNERD] Year round I allow it to heat up in the summer, I have no choice, my place is too big too - control each room

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