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August 13th 1998 Chat Transcript

Below is a transcript of the chat session with Frank Retes of Goanna Ranch.

ModeratorJeffB> Frank I want to thank Frank Retes [Fr] for being our guest tonight

ModeratorJeffB> lets go ahead and start with Brian

[Brian] ok, Frank>how many species of monitors do you have at goanna ranch?

[Fr] About 22

[LTJTB] breeding age....average clutch size for ackies??? thanks Frank

[Fr] 6 to 12 months of age 12 eggs per

[liquidlizard] how much food do you feed your monitors? do they have a

- tendicy to be over weight?thank you!

[Fr] I try to feed them every day, and most are not fat

[marina] You keep heat lamps on 24 hours.  I was thinking about getting a

- red bulb for night and use the white only during the day.  Do you think

- day-night cycles are at all important for maintenance?  For breeding?

[Fr] Marina think a white lite is better than a red blub

[Fr] a lite blub is just a heat source

[Fr] they do there own day night cycles

[Brian] Frank>how many species of monitors have you bred successfully?

[Fr] 16

[BrianG] will you be at Orlando, and  have a table? What is the current

- price on normal ackies?

[marina] Ants rule the outdoors..

[Fr] there are not so many rules for outdoor inclosures

[Fr] Ants rule

[liquidlizard] i picked up .2 blue spot timors and 1.1 yellow spot timors,

- im just wanted a good set up for them

[Brice] Hey Frank What is with V. scalaris, why doesnt anyone here have

- them?

[Fr] No brice

[ChrisD] Do large monitors have the same reproductive potential as the

- smaller monitors?

[ChrisD] meaning do they produce numerous large clutches, numrous small

- clutches, or few large clutches?

[Fr] Yes, The larger ones have many more eggs, such as niles up to 60 eggs

- per and albig the same

[Fr] and they all multi clutch

[Fr] scary huh

[LTJTB] Frank, what is a good size enclosure for a pair or trio of ackies

- and what kind of substrate do you use for them?

[Fr] 2' x6' is great, but 2' x4' is ok and we use dirt

[LTJTB] thank you

ModeratorJeffB> LOL... in your experience do any subspecies of monitor actively

- forage at night?

[Fr] I think they eat any time they want, but mostly in the day

[Fr] I've seen 4 species out at night in nature

[jeanine] have you observe any interactions with ackies and cockatiels in

- the wild?  my ackies seem completely indifferent to my tiel...she even

- perches on their cage.

[Brice] What is that thing you are crossin w/ glauerti, that is what I am

- talking about.

[Fr] We produced a few V.pilbarensis XV.glauerti crosses . but no more

[Brice] That is it, you mean you dont have them anymore?

[Fr] We are not crossing them any more

[ChrisD] I've got a question on importation. You always here eventually it

- will stop, especially from asian markets. Do you see this on the immediate

- horizon or will it likely be many years? I also notice most breeding of

- captive monitors seems to focus on Australian species is their enough of a

- market to support captive bred asians(waters,mangroves) versus the cheaper

- imports?

[Fr] I have not heard much lately

[Fr] their goverment will tax them

[Fr] tarriff

[ChrisD] Frank, I was wondering if you might give a few takes on the newer

- species, yellows ,tricolors,etc

[Fr] We had some of the first of these

- species, yellows ,tricolors,etc

[Fr] But Its hard to relate with wild caught monitors

[LTJTB] Is there a difference between the red/yellow ackies???? (besides

- color)

[Fr] All monitors are great, but these are wild. I have some baby tri-colors

- coming tomorrow

[Brice] .

[Fr] Red ackies are a sandy desert monitor with a lot of differences from

- yellows

[Fr] eggs much bigger, behavior different, get larger

[LTJTB] how large do they get??

[Fr] close to 30 inches

[Fr] and much heavier

[jeanine] so, just you and pete kuhn have bred and hatched v. glauerti then?

-  have the germans been successful with them?

[Fr] Possibly I don't know, pete has not made babys yet

[jeanine] you're the only one?

[Fr] hes right on the verge

[Fr] In the U.S.

jeffb> have you ever done small monitors such as ackies or glauerts in a

- large enclossure like 8x2

[Fr] I kept them in a 20' by 20' by 9 foot high cage

[Fr] we keep them in two basic cages one is a 6 foot circle the other is 2'

- by 4' tub

jeffb> did they set up movement patterns or were they all over the place

[Fr] in the large cage they were incredible

[Fr] they had all sorts of neat behaviors

[marina] Do you have plans/hopes to pair up your perentie and breed those?

[Fr] Of course i do, just send me a male, PLEASE

[Brian] I've noticed that some of Doug Price's yellow monitors have a

- greenish/yellowish color, is there a possibility that there are green ones

- in existince?

[Fr] when their young they have more green, also just before they shed

[Fr] when they are old they lose the black

[ChrisD] Why have the europeans been percieved as being in the forefront of

- monitor husbandry and breeding?  Are monitors just more common captives

- there or are the laws easier to deal with?

[Fr] Good question. they have been at it longer. look at who discribes them

- the most

[Fr] they have had more access to them and still do.

[Fr] they also travel a lot.

[Justink] Do you look for black tree monitors price to go down in the

- future, any time soon? how much are they now I know there not cheap.

[Fr] I think they will go up and up and up

[russ] .Talk a little about your success with womas and blackheads,  what

- are the tricks to breeding them.  Is it temp,or perhaps age?

[Fr] Darkness, cool

[Fr] We breed them at 18 months, just take good care of them

[Fr] moist dirt is better

[Arthur] What is the best way to provide water for the dwarves

- like ackies?

[Fr] tritis and yellow ackies

[Fr] small water bowels