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Chat Week 98 Transcript
12/7/98 - Bob Clark

jeffb - reknowned python breeder and all around good guy
BClark - Thank you again!
jeffb - Bob is going to be talking about pyhon husbandry ansd answering questions.
jeffb - I will announce when it is your turn to ask a question
BClark - I guess its my ;turn again. I like an informal format...who has a question?
jeffb - I do bob....
jeffb - since Im the moderator

jeffb - why do you feel its important to be a member of NRAAC
BClark - I think its important, especially in these times of ever increasing regulation, for us to have a voice.

RiSC - hey bob hows it going i heard a nice story about you helping the make a wish foundation that?
BClark - I was fortunate late last summer to be contacted by the Make a Wish Foundation in Mass.
BClark - The foundation grants wished to children with terminal illnesses
RazorBackHerps - how is the albino retic project going
BClark - A boy there with thyroid cancer hased the foundation to be allowed to visit me here in Oklahoma
BClark - We spent a week together with the snakes.
RiSC - thast was very nice of u
BClark - Really, it was good for me too
BClark - There were alot of things the kid could have done, I was really honored that I could help
RiSC - cool i bet the kid also had a lot of fun just being around and all the snakes
BClark - For a week we were all snakes all the time

BaliGoldRetic - Bob, on the Bali retic issue, what are your thoughts of them? do you believe they exist or that there are now retics on Bali.?
BClark - That might be a better question for Kamuran next hour. I'm pretty sure retics live on Bali
BClark - I really like retics and I'm working with alot of them now

ChrisD - Bob, This is Chris from the Arl Show. I meant to ask you what YOUR opinions on clocal gaping in female pythons resembles.
ChrisD - What do you think it means ?
BClark - Cloacal gaping in pythons occurs sometimes when a male is introduced to a female
BClark - I think this gives the male an indication of the female'
ChrisD - I have had two of my females represent this behavior .
BClark - condition or readiness to breed
BClark - It may tell the male that the female is receptive or maybe not receptive
ChrisD - So you believe it is NOT a "turn down to the males" ??
ChrisD - Ok, that clears that up. I have heard MANY different opinions.
BClark - I've seen it when two females are together as well
ChrisD - Ok. thanks !

DGall - ummm, a rather "duh" question easily found in a book, but is the "salawesi" locality typical?
BClark - Retics have a huge range in the wild and there is some geographic variation I'm not too familiar with them as wild animals, though

RazorBackHerps - Bob, this is Jim Iam the one whoi asked about the albino etic project, how is it going?
BClark - I have hets now that are now 2 1/2 years old and startring to breed in the last couple of weeks.
BClark - The hets are now 2 1/2 and breeding. I feel follicles in one female already. this should be the year

Foxglove - Hi Bob, my question is... How possible is it for multiple male pythons to fertilize eggs in a single female? Can varied offspring be produced if this occurs?
BClark - It is possible for a clutch to have more than one father
Foxglove - My hypo ball bred with my female shortly after another ball got to her... just curious thanks
BClark - Pythons breed before the female ovulates.
BClark - During this time it is possible, even probable, in the field that the receptive female may mate with several males
Foxglove - gives me a little hope thanks
BClark - Fertilization occurs when the female ovulates and the follicles are releaved from the ovary and travel down the oviducts
BClark - There could be sperm from several males waiting there
BClark - Its not always possible to tell if there were several males involved but once I had a female albino Burmese that I bred to another albino
BClark - Later I bred here to a labyrinth
BClark - When the eggs hatched I had all albinos and one normal looking (double het) baby

fred - Hey bob, my question is kinda simple, but I would still like to know. What was the first herp you successfully bred?
BClark - The first herp I bred was a couple of box turtles hatched in the 6th grade
BClark - Later that year I bred some red-eared sliders
BClark - By the way I still have the mother of those turtles. I got her in 1963!
fred - wow!

Goody - I can't come up with a good python question, but I'd like to say hello on behalf of Rusty and his crew in Tulsa!
Goody - I didn't get to visit your facilities when they were there last, but Rusty says he'll bring me next time. (I'm working as his intern)

RazorBackHerps - Bob your the what is the future of the hybrid (retic-burm)
BClark - Its hard to say about the hybrids. They are difficult to make. The snakes usually do not find each other attractive
BClark - They eggs, if you get any, don't hatch well
BClark - And the babies can be difficult to get started
BClark - On the other hand if you can get one to maturtiy they will breed either of the parent species with equal enthusiasm

Igmom - No question...but would like to say I think it was wonderful what you did with the make a wish folks
BClark - Thanks,Igmom

JamesA - were do you find all the morphs?Importers private breeders?
BClark - I've been lucky to get most of the new types as they occured (when I tell it to my wife its "smart")
BClark - The albino Burmese came from Tom Crutchfield. All the others came from the wild
JamesA - thanks Bob

jeffc - Bob, If you just had to try to breed Boelens Pythons would you buy imports for a grand or two each or buy CB for 10 grand each? Most people aren't having much luck with either one. CB is nearly always best but maybe not with these guys. Don't tell me to wait and ask Kamuran, he's selling some of them. Errrrrrr oh hi there BushmasterLOL.
BClark - I think I'll wait on the Boelen's until someone else figures it out
jeffc - Me too thanks

MattF - Bob what do you see as the trends in ball python morph production and pricing in the next 5-10 years?
BClark - Everything that is expensive becomes cheap. Everything that is rare becomes common. When? I don't know.
MattF - My thoughts exactly..thanks
BClark - I'm always amazed (and thankfull) that new types keep turning up. I suppose that this will continue

Northern - what type of cages do you use and what substrate do you apply?
BClark - I use newspaper in nearly all my cages
Northern - thanks

RazorBackHerps - Bob whats new on the horizon
BClark - This year I should produce the albino retics, granite Burmese, albino granites and maybe some boas. Can you believe it?

RichH - Yep, aside from burm, retic and ball morphs what other python (morphs)are you working with or hoping on in the future?
BClark - I'm working with most species but no mutations in the other species except the "granite" spotted pythons.

Terrio - are there any new developments in the recovery of your stolen snakes?
BClark - I have recently gotten information that on my 1994 theft from an informant and the FBI
BClark - The FBI was able to match fingerprints found in my ware house with William John Buchholz
BClark - There is a warrant out for Buchholz
BClark - Buchholz was hired by Jeffery Charles Miller of Mesa Arizona
BClark - Miller was recently involved in the USFWS sting operation "
BClark - Operation Chameleon
BClark - He claims his (my) animal were stolen from him after the USFWS raid
Terrio - have you fully recovered from the theft as far as productivity?
BClark - I lost eggs in and animals in 1994 that sholuld have produced 20 ALbino balls. I haven't that level since

jeffb - were getting close on time
jeffb - Im sure bob can come back
jeffb - right bob?
BClark - Yes, anytime

BClark - Thanks for the extra time, I look forward to doing this again.

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