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Uromastyx Breeders




John P. Castellanos

U. acanthinurus, U. maliensis.  Future Projects:U.  benti (lowland and rainbow), U. o. ocelata, U. o. ornatus.  To see a nice assortment of John's animals, click here.

Douglas E. Dix  Ph.D.

U. maliensis, U.o.ornatus, U. acanthinuris, U. o. ocellatus (Sudanese), U. benti (lowland benti) & U. benti ssp.(mtn./rainbow).  Future breeding projects: Tunisian Uro (U.a. ssp) and U. a. flavofasciata. Click here for Pictures of  breeders/stock.

Deer Fern Farms

Lindsay Pike

U. acanthinurus, U. aegyptia, U. benti, U.ornata, U.macfadyeni, U.maliensis, U. ocellata (dwarf Sudanese), U.geyri,U flavifasciata.


Mark Walsh

Uromastyx No longer breeding uromastyx but Click here for Pictures of  Mark's past breeding stock and his enclosure images

Debb Wolfram

Uromastyx geyri, U.flavifasciata (banded and black phases),U. macfadyeni. Future projects U. ornata, U.a.acanthinura

Noel & Claire Alt

Uromastyx species

Hacienda Anura

Peter McCarthy

Uromastyx acanthinurus, U.maliensis, and U.ornatus

Central Valley Reptiles

Troy Jones

U. o. ocelata, U. o. ornatus, U. phylbi, U. rainbow benti, U.geyri


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