Mark Walsh

  U.acanthinurus werneri,U.benti, U.benti.ssp(mountain/rainbow), U.maliensis, U.ocellatus,
U.ornatus.  Working with many phases and sub-species of Uromastyx, contact for information.

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#1 U.acanthinurus werneri Female CB  Bob Mailloux (8 years old)

#2 U.acanthinurus werneri same as picture#1

#3 U.ornatus Male CB Vince Ensarro 3 years old

#4 U.ornatus Male Same as #3 4 years old

#5 U.ornatus Male CB Mark Walsh F3 Yearling

#6 U.ornatus Female White phase CB Mark Walsh F3 yearling

#7 U.ocellatus Egypt/Orange phase Male Imported in 1994

#8 U.ocellatus Egypt/Orange phase Same as #7

#9 U.ocellatus Egypt/Orange phase - U.ocellatus Sudan
cross hatchling CB Mark Walsh yearling

#10 U.benti (Mtn Benti, Rainbow Benti) Dark phase
Impoerted with the first group of 1996 imports.

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