Cleopatra is the first Uromastyx to have her own home page!

Cleo is a U. aegyptius who came to live with us on Sunday, August 6th, 1995. When we bought her they guessed that she was  3 years old. She started out as a pretty social lizard, but has since become rather reclusive and snooty! Of course, Cleo's attitude changed after being chased around by Bob the cat whenever she was on the floor exploring. We would have never put the lizard on the floor OR let the cat near the lizard, if it wasn't for someone telling us that it was fine and that they would get along great. {I still get mail from people who say their Uromastyx loves to play with their cats.}

On Saturday, February 10th 1996, we bought a 6 month old male name Cairo. We got him from Dieter A. Kruger, a great reptile dealer in Riverside CA. {To purchase a Uromastyx you can call Dieter at (909) 685-2743.}

When we introduced Cairo to Cleo she bit him a few times {no doubt telling him who's boss.} But within a day they were eating and sunning together like old friends.

After about a month with Cairo, Cleo's appetite and attitude started changing. She used to pick at her food and come out for only part of the day. Now both of them RACE to the food dish {and give me dirty looks if it's empty} fighting for the best greens. Also, they tend to spend most of the day running around the cage and climbing the glass.

Cleo is estimated to be 6 years old.
Date Length Tail Only Around Mid-section Weight (grams) Weight (oz)
1/18/96 14.25"        
1/18/97 15.50"        
10/18/97 16.50" 7.00" 9.00" 437.2 15.39

Cairo is estimated to be 2 years old.
Date Length Tail Only Around Mid-section Weight (grams) Weight (oz)
1/18/97 12.00"        
10/18/97 13.50" 6.00" 6.50" 303 10.67

Cleo & Cairo's Habitat

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