Cleo & Cairo's Habitat

Cage size: 60 gallon front closure with 2 double sliding glass panels {outer ones taped shut because she learned how to open them.}

Housing: a hollow rock {look-a-like} on the HOT side under the heat light. {We used to have Cleo's house on the COOL side but she stopped eating. Once we moved her to the HOT side, she started eating again.}

Toys: rocks and a fat tree branch to climb on

Substrate: Calcium sand

Lighting: one 8% UVB Reptile D-light and one 40W Vita-Lite full spectrum fluorescent bulbs in a 4 ft. American Shop Light {I was told this would supply enough UVA and UVB. Cleo & Cairo really like the Reptile D-light!!}

Black light: was told it was not needed with the 8% UVB from the Reptile D-light

Daylight hours: regulated by a home made light sensitive switch mounted in a window. {I found this to be the best way to match the natural sunrise/sunset.}

Heat lamp: 150W - BrightLight, incandescent, spot, full spectrum daylight heat lamp

Color of heat lamps: yellow

Heat source: 150W - Pearlco, conical infrared, ceramic heating element (on COOL side)

Cage temp.: regulated with ESU Reptile Electronic Temperature Controller (on COOL side only!)

HOT side
DAY: 110 - 120 degrees
NIGHT: 80 degrees {indirectly as ceramic heater is on COOL side}

COOL side
DAY: 80 - 90 degrees
NIGHT: 80 degrees {constant and direct heat}

Foods: fresh green beans, green grapes, yellow Euryops flowers {perennial daisy}, salad sprouts {clover, alfalfa, mung, pea, azuki, lentil} and for protein I use Firm Tofu from Trader Joe's.
also tried: dried apricots, split peas, dried corn, nuts, shredded salad mix {endive, collards, kale, mustard greens}, raisins, large bird seed.
readers suggestions: dandelion greens, all squash (summer and winter), sweet potatoes, corn, red peppers, banana peels, iceplant flowers.

Water: none

Supplements: none

Disclaimer: All information on this page represents good husbandry and how we are caring for our Uromastyx. This does not mean that you should copy our suggestion exactly. We are still learning and experimenting with the habitat, so the information may change at any time. We suggest you read as much info on your Uromastyx as you can. If you don't agree with some of our information, don't try it and E-mail us stating why you think it's inaccurate.

Reptile D-light is made by URI (Ultraviolet Resources International) (800) 247-3251

Vita-Lite is made by Duro-Lite Lamps Inc. 9 Law Drive Fairfield, NJ 07004 (800) 688-5826

ESU Reptile is made by Energy Savers Unlimited, Inc. Harbor City, CA (310) 784-2770

Pearlco is made by Ram Network Reseda, CA (818) 345-0484