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Welcome to the wonderful world of Chameleons!

Whether you are a new keeper, researching before you decide to purchase, or an experienced keeper trying to find an article or website that had been posted, the following information will be helpful to you.

Below is a list of the most commonly suggested websites for current, quality chameleon information. Many questions can be addressed either directly or via additional website links. Granted, we all still want to hear answers from experienced keepers, but do a little research first.

You can start your search on the Chameleon forums by reading old messages as many of these issues have been addressed there. You can also check out the following websites. All of these sites have information on nutrition, species profiles, feeders, health, breeding, husbandry, baby/nursery info, veterinarians, and much more. Do not just go to their home page. Take the time to poke around and find that wealth of chameleon information.

Chameleon News
This is a top source of current information compiled and written by "tops in their field." See their Article Reference page for an index.
Species profile, husbandry and health issues, etc.
Kammerflage Kreations
Top U.S. breeder; wonderful site with tons of info.
Chameleon Journals
Vet topics, husbandry, etc.
Chameleon Information Network
The Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV)
Articles and listings of vets in your area
Vet listings by state
Vet Connection
Real people experiences - has state listing

Of course, there are more websites, but these are the most frequently recommended. Please go to them, look around and bookmark them for future reference.

Tips for asking questions

If your chameleon is having problems and you want input from other chameleon owners, be sure to include as much information as possible:

  1. Cage type: What size and type of cage (screen, glass, etc.)?
  2. Temperatures: What is the basking temperature? How do you measure the temperature in your setup? What is the temperature in the warmest spot? The coolest spot? At night? During the day? You should measure the temperature of the chameleons' skin or the surface of its current branch to get a more accurate reading. Do you leave any heat on at night? What is the temperature in the room at night?
  3. Lighting: What brand is your UVB light? How long have you been using it? How long are your lights on each day? Do you leave any lights on at night? Where are the lights? on top?
  4. Humidity: Do you have a humidity gauge? What is the range of relative humidity (RH) from lowest to highest? How long does it take to go from high to low? Do you use a humidifier? Do you live in the north or south (or other)?
  5. Water: Have you observed your chameleon drinking? How often do you mist? Do you have a dripper?
  6. Food: Have you observed your chameleon eating? What is the chameleon's diet? Where do you get your live feeder prey? What are you feeding the feeders? Fresh veggies? Gut load? If you use a commercial gut load what is the brand? If you make your own what are the ingredients?
  7. Supplements: What type of supplement(s) do you use? Brand name(s)? How often do you use supplements?
  8. Plants & branches: What plants do you have? Are your plants alive or fake? Do the plants provide lots of coverage where the chameleon will feel safe? Can you see your chameleon most of the time or can it hide from your view?
  9. Chameleon facts: How old is the chameleon? Do you know if it is wild caught or captive born? Did you get the chameleon at a show? Breeder?
  10. Handling: Do you handle your chameleon? How often and how long? What is its reaction to you? Is the cage in a quiet part of the house or is it in a busy or noisy area? Any big stereo speakers near the cage? Is your chameleon alone in the cage? Can your chameleon see any other herps or pets from the cage?
  11. Veterinarians: Do you have a veterinarian who KNOWS chameleons?

One last thing: As great as everyone is here (and they are), if there is a medical problem there is no substitute for a trip to the veterinarian.



Lele & Carlton, members of the Chameleon forum community, put the information together for this article.



The contents of this page is provided as a source of education and entertainment only. Readers rely on any information found here at their own risk. The information you find here is not under warranty.

Please consult your veterinarian immediately if your pet is ill or injured. If you have questions or problems about the general care of exotic or even domestic animals, please direct them to the members of the appropriate pet community on the message boards or chat rooms. (registration is free!)

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