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Welcome to The Wyvern's Lair annex site


This area is an "annex" of my main website. It is a place for me to house what is intended to be a growing collection of articles, FAQs, and other information or resources that I maintain and upkeep for, but am not necessarily the sole author of. Some pages you will find here are written by other individuals and simply maintained by me, while others are collaborations I helped put together. Towards the bottom of this page you will find some general information on veterinarians and animal rescues.








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If you own a dog, you know the best way to treat heartworm is early diagnosis and regular check ups. Preventive medicine is true with reptiles and other exotic animals as well. If you need assistance in locating a reptile-friendly or exotic-friendly veterinarian, check out the website links below. If anyone knows of any other online vet resources, please share them with the webmaster.


Rescues & Rescuing

Exotic pets (such as reptiles, big cats, parrots, etc.) are fast becoming mainstream acquisitions. People commonly purchase an exotic animal on impulse for any number of reasons. What does this all mean? It means these animals are also quick to stretch the resources of rescues across the country to their limits as owners fast become disillusioned with the idea of owning an exotic animal. If you have not yet acquired an exotic animal of your choice, but your early research shows that you are already having second thoughts about not wanting to keep it for the length of its rlifespan (both during the good times and the bad times), it would be best to avoid getting such an animal for a pet.

It is a fact: zoos do not want people's unwanted pets because the animal is too common or there is the very real risk for introducing parasites and diseases to their own animals within their breeding programs. In the unlikely event there was a particular species a zoo may be interested in acquiring they would do so through their own contacts and networks - they would not take an animal from someone off the street (so to speak).

So, where does that leave someone with a pet that they no longer wish to keep? Simply letting that animal go to "live carefree in the wild" is NOT the way to go. In most cases, you are only condemning that animal to a cruel death. If you want the animal to die, the humane thing to do is have a veterinarian euthanize it, not set it free to run wild. Not only is it cruel, setting animals loose (especially the exotic types) is likely to be breaking any number of state or local laws that are set in place to protect native wildlife from problems caused by non-native species (let's face it: green iguanas, a prime example, are not native anywhere other than in certain regions within Central and South America, no matter how well they seem to be doing in Florida).

Sadly, it is not easy finding an exotic animal a new home. Reptile rescues or rescues that deal with other specialty animals are one viable option, but it is also important to note that many rescues may have already reached their intake limits and might turn you down because they do not have the space available. Herpetological and other related societies and clubs occasionally have rescue networks among their membership and at times may be of help in locating someone willing to take your unwanted animal or find it a temporary foster home, but that is assuming you have an active society or club in your area or state and they have such connections.

If you are seriously looking to adopt or need to place an animal because you can no longer care for it, try checking out some of the following websites or use the search box provided by RescueNetwork. If anyone knows of any other rescue resources, please share them with the webmaster.


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This is a free listing service for rescue groups or organizations. Included is the use of adoption classifieds to post photos of, and information about, animals needing new homes. For more information please visit:

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The contents of this page is provided as a source of education and entertainment only. Readers rely on any information found here at their own risk. The information you find here is not under warranty.

Please consult your veterinarian immediately if your pet is ill or injured. If you have questions or problems about the general care of exotic or even domestic animals, please direct them to the members of the appropriate pet community on the message boards or chat rooms. (registration is free!)

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