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It should be clearly understood that we have listed dealers in an uncritical fashion.  The order we have placed them in is based upon the 1998 list and is otherwise random.  We can in no way verify the accuracy of the lists we have used, or the honesty of dealers listed.  Also, while many dealers are very conscientious about keeping their lists current, we suspect that a number of lists are not current and in fact, the dealers may no longer be selling animals.  As always, it is up to the buyer to exercise caution when purchasing any animals.
The letter(s) after the dealers’ names refer to sites on the Internet where they can be located.  Thus, an “f” after the name of a dealer indicates that his or her web site may be found at “”.  The reader can use the link provided at the right of the beginning of the list of dealers to directly go to “”.  We have placed asterisks after the names of those dealers selling snakes in the Families Atractaspidae, Viperidae, Elapidae, and Hydrophiidae since we did not compile lists of the venomous snakes in these groups although many people are interested in these animals.  Dealers outside the U.S. have their countries listed after their names.

1. Colubrids Exclusively  msib                                             “m” = Herp Mall
2. Professional Breeders  mibf                                             “s” = Herpscope
3. R & M Herpetoculture  si                                                “i” = Herp Index
5. Jim Kane  sib                                                                  “t” = Herptiles
6. Prairieland Herpetoculture  msib                                      “b” = Basking Spot
8. Western Herpetological Research Institute  msibf              “f” =
9. Desert Serpents  sib                                                         “r” = Reptile Mall
10. Harford Breeding Center  sitbf                                       “w” = Reptile World
11. Serpenco  sibf                                                                “c” =
13. Central Coast Reptile Research Center*  msbr               “h” = Herpworld
14. Bob Clark Captive Bred Reptiles  msitbfh
15. Randy Wright  msib
16. V.P.I. Pythons  ibfh
17. New England Reptile Distributors  sibf
18. Center for Reptile and Amphibian Propagation  ib
19. Hawkeye Herps  sib
20. Ophidiophile Farms  sb
21. Rare Reptiles  msi
22. San Juan Snakeman  ms
23. Dragon Lady Reptiles  sibf
24. Dan Johnson  sibf
25. Demo's Pit  si
26. BHB Enterprises  if
27. Craig Trumbower  ib
28. Russ Walker Captive Bred Reptiles  ib
30. Arco Iris  sitb
32. Glades Herps*  ibfr
33. Great Valley Serpentarium  msibfr
34. Applegate  sif
35. Counts and Wallen  msi
39. South Florida Reptile Breeding Center  sib
40. Boa Barn  sib
41. Black Belt  sibf
42. Ric Blair  ibf
43. Blue Chameleon Ventures  sb
44. Bryan’s Snakes sb
45. Captive Bred Excellence  msbf
46. Captive Bred Wildlife Foundation  sitb
50. Don Hamper  sib
51. Herptamania  msib
52. Peter Kahl  ibf
53. Kim’s Colubrids  sibfr
54. Casey Lazik Reptiles  ibf
58. Premier Reptiles  mb
59. Price Animal Co.  f
60. Python Pete  msitfrh
61. Jaime Quick  sib
62. Reptilian Designs sb
63. Reptiles by Mack  sib
64. Daemon Salceies Locality Bred Snakes sibf
65. Santa Cruz Reptiles  sifr
66. Brian Sharp  msifh
67. Snake Shed  sitb
68. South Mountain Reptiles  msitbfw
69. Southwest Wisconsin Reptiles sib
70. Vision Herpetological  mstbf
71. Vivid Reptiles  sibf
72. Fivestar Fauna  ib
75. Tim Talbott Reptiles  ib
78. Collections of Reptiles*  sb
79. High Mountain Reptiles msibf
80. JC Reptiles  sitbfr
81. Pinnacle Reptiles  msib
82. TNT Reptiles  ifr
83. Vista Reptiles  mb
84. Animal Allsorts (UK)  ib
85. Beaver Zoo  ib
87. Boa Store  ib
89. Canaday  ib
90. Cherryville Farms  ibf
91. Critter Connection  ibf
93. Don Patterson Pythons & Boas (CANADA)  ibf
94. Exotics Unlimited  ib
95. Seven Generations  sh
96. Rainwater Reptiles  msibh
97. J & B’s Reptiles  sibf
98. John Fraser’s Reptiles  ibf
99. John Hollister  ibf
100. Kawartha Lakes Captive Breeding (CANADA) ibf
101. KJUN Snake Haven  bfr
102. L & L Reptiles  ib
103. LLL Reptile and Supply Co.  msbfrw
104. Logan Enterprises  ib
105. Ophiological Propagations  ib
106. PM (Paul Mitchell) Herps  it
107. Port Credit Pet Centre (CANADA)  ib
110. Reptile (or Animal) Kingdom  stb
111. Reptile Specialties  i
113. Reptilia Technologies  i
114. Rocky Mountain Herpetoculture  sif
116. Select Serpents  f
117. Serpents Lair  sib
118. Serpents Tail  i
119. Southwest Herpetoculture  if
121. West Coast Zoological  fr
122. Y-Not Reptiles  ibf
123. Animal Mania  b
124. Byron Barnes  bf
125. Dave Blody  bf
127. Dick Deuel’s Reptile Homepage  ib
128. Dave Doherty Captive Bred Kingsnakes and Milksnakes  bf
130. FJM Reptile Ranch  sib
131. Kevin & Sue Hanley  b
134. Snake Doctor Reptiles  sbf
135. Snake Keeper  itbfh
140. Dr. Frankenstein’s Creations  msib
143. Mark M. Lucas  mbw
144. Pet Center U.S.A.  msibh
147. Bluegrass Herps  sibf
153. Mark Leshock’s Reptiles  sib
155. Reptiles West  sib
156. Black Knight (AUSTRALIA)  f
157. Aaron’s Snake Den  ib
158. Awesome Herps  i
159. B & B Herp Society  i
160. Venom Inc.*  i
161. Viperwerks*  ib
162. Bush Reptiles*  i
163. Cut Throat Reptiles*  i
164. Creatures Great and Small (CANADA)  ib
165. Sierra Madre Herpetoculture  if
167. Global Exotic Pets (Global Aquatics Reptiles) (CANADA)  i
169. Herp Tech, Stu Tennyson  ibf
171. Kings ‘n Such  b
172. Legal Reptiles (or Herps)  mi
173. Len Krysko  sibr
176. RL Reptiles  ibr
178. Tip Powers Boa Constrictors  ibfw
179. Vanishing Lifeforms Reptiles  ib
182. Michael Thorn’s Captive Bred Reptiles  t
188. Cold Blooded Inc.  f
189. Corns, Kings, Milks, and Things  bf
190. D&J Reptiles*  bfr
192. Heritage Herps  bf
193. J.Y. Reptiles  br
199. Bushmaster Reptiles (and Breeding Center) Inc.*  ibf
202. Exotic ARC  f
203. Houston Herpetological Supply  f
204. Snakes Alive*  f
205. Tim Belknap Reptiles  r
206. Crotalus and Company*  itb
207. La Vibora*  ib
208. Scott Schuett  if
209. Exceptional Quality Snakes  msifr
210. American Desert Boas  s
211. Barrs  s
212. Bluegrass Reptiles  s
213. Vince Scheidt  (net)
214. Gulf Coast Reptiles*  (Naples, FL)
215. Phelsuma Phanatics  sb
216. Reptile House (UK)  s
218. Shawn N. Aaron, Reptile Distributors  s
219. Tregembo Exotics  ms
220. Reptile World  s
221. 510 Reptiles, Inc.  if
222. BNW Reptiles  i
223. Boa Specialist  i
224. Boulder Reptiles  ib
225. Grand River Reptile Breeders (CANADA)  ir
226. Catawba Reptile Farm  i
227. Coast to Coast Reptiles (UK)  i
228. Herpafauna Indonesia* (INDONESIA)  i
229. East Coast Reptiles  i
230. Enchanted Rock Reptiles  if
231. Exotic Pet Enterprises  ib
232. Exotic Specialties  if
233. Fine Green Tree Pythons  i
234. Fine Scale Enterprises (CANADA)  ib
235. Florida Redtails  i
236. Front Range Reptiles  i
237. Gerold and Cindy Merker  i
238. Global Reptile Connection*  i
239. Guyana Aquarium and Pet  ib
240. Hanley’s Herps  if
241. Henry’s House of Snakes  if
242. Herpeton  i
243. Hump’s Herps  i
244. J & S Reptiles  ib
245. Jeremy Stone Reptiles  if
246. Karl’s Creatures  i
247. Kevin Bryant Reptiles  i
248. Know Slack Reptiles  if
249. Monet Overseas Trading*  i
250. Nature’s Marvels  i
251. New Horizons  ifr
252. Nothing But Screamers  i
253. Offspring of Serpents  i
254. Outback Snakehouse  mir
255. Paul Barringer  i
256. Paul Harris (UK)  i
257. Red Earth Reptiles  itb
258. Renegade Reptiles (California)  itfr
259. Renegade Reptiles (Florida)  i
260. Reptile Depot  mifrw
261. Reptiles and Beyond  if
262. Russell’s Reptiles  if
263. Seaside Reptiles  mifr
264. Serpent Studies  if
265. Serpent’s Den*  if
266. Signal Herpetoculture  if
267. Urban Jungles  ibc
268. Werner Strassmann’s Snakes* (GERMANY)  i
269. White Sands Reptiles  i
270. Whyte Ark  i
271. Zia Herpetological  i
272. Diamond Reptile Breeders*  tr
273. MidSouth*  t
274. Spa City Reptile and Exotic Exhibits  t
275. Wayne’s World of Snakes*  ib
276. Awesome Arboreals  b
277. Back Country Institute  b
278. Cold Blooded Unlimited  bf
279. Crystal Palace Reptiles (UK)  b
280. Desert Reptiles*  b
281. Envy Reptiles  bf
282. Reptilia (DENMARK)  t
283. Gila Monster Company  b
284. The Herp House  b
285. Loyd’s Pets and Reptiles  b
286. M. Warren Croft Enterprises  b
287. Regal Reptiles  bf
288. Reptconnect (CANADA)  b
289. Reptomania  bf
290. RS Reptiles  bf
291. Snakes of Perfection  bf
292. Sunhouse Reptiles  b
293. Sweetman Exotics  bf
294. Dragon Farms* (CANADA)  f
295. Exclusively Reptiles  f
296. Pro Exotics  f
298. Blue  f
299. Boaphile  f
300. Boaworks  f
301. Bott and Bott  f
302. CF Snakes  f
303. Chesapeake Herpetoculture  f
304. Constrictors Unlimited  fr
305. Cornutopia  f
306. E-herp  f
307. Elite Reptiles  f
308. Stephen Fowler  f
309. Freedom Breeders  f
310. Herp Tech – Utah  f
311. High Sierra  f
313. Peugnet Herpetoculture  f
314. Ralph Davis Reptiles  f
316. Staten Island Serpents  f
317. Strikers Herps  f
318. Totally Reptile  f
319. Ward’s World of Reptile Propagation  r
320. Blackwater Reptiles  c
321. Tropical Creations*  c
322. Jerry Detwiler Investment Reptiles  h
323. Impact Reptile Designs  (net)
324. Gasses Reptiles (SWEDEN)  (net)
325. M.D. Herpetological  (net)
326. Captive Bred Snakes and Lizards (UK)  (net)
327. Zerkle Reptile Company  (net)
328. Reptilia (NETHERLANDS)  (net)
329. Winding Creek Herps  f
330. Personal Pet  (Raleigh, NC)
331. Natural Elaphe  (net)
332. Strictly Reptiles*  (Hollywood, FL)
333. Jon’s Jungle  (net)
334. Strictly Pituophis  (Tucson, AZ)