Pituophis Page Care Sheets

If you are currently breeding or working with snakes of the genus Pituophis, and would like to contribute a care sheet send an email to kj@kingsnake.kingsnake.com . We plan on having a care guide for each of the species and subspecies of Pituophis, but they will be divided into 8 groups of Pituophis that have very similar captive husbandry conditions.


Group #1 Black pine, northern pine, Louisana pine,
southern/Florida pine, and bullsnake
Group #2 P. lineaticollis spp.
Group #3 Cape (San Lucan) gopher snake, P. c. bimaris*
Group #4 P. deppei jani
Group #5 P. deppei deppei
Group #6 Sonoran gopher, San Diego gopher,
and Santa Cruz gopher snakes
Group #7 Pacific gopher, Great Basin gopher snakes,
and P. c. bimaris*
Group #8 Coronado Island gopher, San Martin gopher,
and Cedros Island gopher snake

NOTE: The authors of this page strongly recommend that most members of the genus Pituophis are not bred until they are 3+ years old and fed smaller than average meals for their adult body size. "Power-feeding" or "pushing" these animals may have negative effects upon their long-term health.

*Care of P. c. bimaris is described under Group #3 and Group #7.


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