Pituophis Breeders

I've had to change how this page is handled due to problems with some people complaining about not getting their name added soon enough, people complaining when I didn't update their list of animals while they were buying/selling breeders on what seemed a weekly basis, etc.  Now, I only list breeders that have contributed to the content areas of this site or have greatly assisted me in the acquisition of information related to this site.  If you feel that you were left out in error or would like to contribute content to this site, please send me an email at kj@kingsnake.kingsnake.com.

NOTE: Listing of a site and/or breeder here does not equate to a recommendation of the site, breeder, or animals by the author of this website or by kingsnake.com in general.

Cherryville Farms** Bullsnakes, deppei deppei, and albino striped San Diego Gophers
Darkwoods Herpetoculture** Louisiana Pines (4+ bloodlines), locality Bullsnakes, Mid-Baja Gophers, Mexican Bullsnakes, and Santa Cruz Dwarfs.
eNVy Reptiles Sonoran gopher morphs, Pacific gopher morph, San Diego gopher morphs, bullsnakes, Durango mountain gophers, cape gophers, and leucistic southern pines
Gregg's Reptile Basement White-sided bullsnakes, P. d. deppei, albino cape gophersnakes, Sonoran gophersnake morphs
High Sierra Reptiles Sonoran gophers, great basin gophers, San Diego gophers, cape gophers, bullsnake morphs, southern pines, black pines, and northern pines
Kern Reptile Research Center bullsnake morphs, Great Basin gophersnakes, black pine, locality pacific gophers, and more
KJUN Snakehaven** Louisiana pines (Numerous Bloodlines),  and Bullsnake morphs, and locality bullsnakes
Quality Reptiles, Texas** Pituophis deppei deppei
Santa Cruz Reptiles Albino bullsnakes and cape gopher morphs

**These  breeders have contributed substantially to this site in terms of actual content.  I would like to offer them my sincere thanks!  If you are excluded from this list accidentally, please email me so that I can correct it ASAP!

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