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Canebrake Rattlesnakes Camouflage

Submitted by: Ernie*
Photo credits: Unknown
* Last name withhold due to age


The following account is an illustration of how people in business look beyond accuracy in advertising and how observant an 11 year old was.  Take a close look at the snake in the photo below.  Once you know what it is, hold on to that thought and read the rest of this story.

Ernie and his mom went to the Bayou Savage National Wildlife Refuge near New Orleans (summer '99).  After looking at the brochure, Ernie (11 years old) questioned one of the tour guides and asked why there was a mangrove snake on the brochure since they do not occur in Louisiana.  (Although Ernie was pretty sure it was a mangrove snake, he still did his homework and researched it after going home)  The guide did not know what kind of snake it was, but insisted that is was NOT a mangrove snake since they do not occur in Louisiana. 

After confirming the identification, Ernie's mom called back and spoke to the same man about the brochure.  The guide's story was ammended to say that the department of wildlife and fisheries had sent them pictures of native wildlife and that he was not sure what kind of snake it was.  He said he was going to make a few calls and check on it.

WELL DONE, Ernie!  Hopefully your inquiry about the brochure will bring about a correction.  Your attention to detail may prove to to be a valuable asset in the future.

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