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Louisiana Breeders*

KJ Lodrigue, Jr., of KJUN Snakehaven from Baton Rouge is a grad student at LSU.   He is currently the interim coordinator for the Louisiana chapter of NRAAC.  He is doing a lot of work with the corn snakes and other native LA snakes, including the Louisiana pine snake (Pituophis ruthveni), corn snakes Elaphe g. guttata (Kisatchie locality among others), and "albino lavender" speckled kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getula holbrooki) -- the original one is from Louisiana.  Louisiana license available on request. NRAAC member!

Mike Monlezun of Ragin' Reptiles from Monroe has been working with snakes for over 20 years and breeding them for 15. He has recently graduated with a minor in biology and spends much of his spare time trying to educate the public on local herps. His main effort has always been spent working with native venomous and nonvenomous local herps, but the Louisiana pine Snake (Pituophis ruthveni) remains his favorite. Mike doesn't currently sell native Louisiana Snakes. NRAAC member!

Theron Magers from Alexandria has been keeping snakes for many years.  He works with several Louisiana species including Louisiana pine snakes, scarlet snakes (with fairly good success), corn snakes (Kisatchie and St. Tammany Parish), among various other species.  Theron spends a lot of time in the field and has a very good knowledge of the natural history of many Louisiana herps.  As far as i know, Theron does not commercially sell native reptiles. NRAAC member!

Steve Jensen from Monroe is the General Curator at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo in Monroe, LA.  He has 3 years experience teaching environmental science at the high school level.  He works with many of the native snakes at home and at the zoo.   He has kept and bred Louisiana pine snakes and other LA natives. As far as i know, Steve does not currently sell native Louisiana snakes. NRAAC member!

*Getting your name, phone number, email address, and webpage listed here is completely free. All you have to do is email me the info you want posted. Sites will be listed alphabetically by the first letter of the first name used (not the business name). We reserve the right to list only Louisiana breeders who work with locality Louisiana Herps.

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