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cottonmouth1.jpg (17624 bytes)   Lafayette Parish, La.  Photo: Mike Monlezun

The western cottonmouth a small- to medium-sized pit viper with an attitude!  This 2 - 3 foot (rarely 4ft.) snake is found just about everywhere in the state, even in habitats that do not seem favorable. 

While looking for Louisiana pine snakes in a sandy, hilly area far removed from a source of water, Mike was suprised by one after lifting a board.  Actually, it's hard NOT to find one while looking for other species. 

The above 2-3 ft. individual was found crossing a gravel road which circles Lake Martin in south Louisiana.  They love to bask on logs or in muddy areas and can be quite inconspicuous in certain terrain.  Cottonmouths, along with copperheads, account for the majority of venomous snake bites in Louisiana.


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