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buttermilk.jpg (41073 bytes)   heavily spotted individual from Bodcau, La.  Photo: Mike Monlezun

Common name: Buttermilk Racer
Generic name: Coluber constrictor anthicus (Cope)
Adult length: 36-60 inches;  record 70 in.
Complete range: south Arkansas, Louisiana and east Texas.
see RANGE MAP for range in Louisiana

The buttermilk racer is a highly variable snake.  Some populations can have very little evidence of speckles and others can appear to be almost white with black spots, such as the one pictured here.  This individual came from near Bodcau, in northwest Louisiana.  The mosthighly speckled ones look like they are suffering from the most sever case of scale rot imaginable if you see them from a few feet away.

The habits of this racer are not unlike other racers.   They are diurnal and can often be seen crossing roads.  They are very agile and can be hard to catch unless they are trapped with no way to escape.  This one was chased for almost 15 minutes.  It went back and forth in an area about 30' by 30' before I was able to secure it.  Racers do not make the best captives because of their nervous disposition and extremely active nature.  They can be kept, though, and several do become acclimated to captivity and will eat pre-killed rodents.


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