Care of the Black Milk Snake
            by Pete & Travis Cragg
Pyro's in New Mexico
            by Dave Long
Longevity Records of L. alterna
            by Gerry Salmon
Bibliography of L.alterna
            by Joe Forks
Kingsnake/Milk Snake Care
            Courtesy of Melissa Kaplan

Mexican Milk Snake - L.t.annulata
photo Jeff Barringer click for full size

Colors & Patterns of the Honduran Milk Snake             by Pete & Travis Cragg
Comparison of the Nelsons and Sinaloan Milk Snake             by Pete & Travis Cragg Summary of my research on kingsnake taxonomy             by Kenneth L. Krysko
Resolution of the Controversy Regarding the Taxonomy of the Kingsnake,
      Lampropeltis getula, in Southern Florida             by Kenneth L. Krysko
Brief overview of the Gray-banded kingsnake             by Jeff Barringer
History of the Gray-banded Kingsnake             by Dennie Miller
Care of the Gray-banded Kingsnake in Captivity             by Gerold and Cindy Merker
Biological Profile of the Gray-banded Kingsnake             by Robert Bryson
Feeding Picky Hatchlings             Courtesy of Melissa Kaplan
Breeding Colubrid Snakes             by Steve Osborne
The Mountain Kingsnake Enthusiast's Site             by Matt Ingraci
The Alterna Page - The Online Resource Guide to the Gray-banded Kingsnake             by Joe Forks & Gerry Salmon
Herping the Trans-Pecos             by John Hollister

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