A Life History of the Gray-Banded Kingsnake,
Lampropeltis mexicana alterna in Texas

Written by Dennie Miller

As a graduate student in 1979 Dennis(Dennie)Miller presented this thesis to the graduate council at Sul Ross University in Alpine, Texas. Though somewhat dated, Dennie was the first to document many facets of the Lampropelis alterna that were unknown at the time. This document is recognised by collectors as the alterna "Bible", and although much more has been learned since then, it is still the best work done so far on these unique animals.

Dennie currently runs the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute outside of Fort Davis, Texas, and is recognised as one of the foremost authorities on the Trans-Pecos region and it's flora and fauna. . I must thank Dennie for granting me permission to make this document available.

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