Big Bend Milk Snake

(L. t. celaenops)

Size: Up to 2.5 ft.

Range in Texas: The lower portions of the Texas Panhandle, from El Paso County west to Val Verde County east down to the Big Bend Area

Comments: Also known as the New Mexico Milk Snake, it is an uncommon snake through out its range. Usually referred to by collectors as "Celaenops". In Hudspeth County, I have only seen one (killed by a rancher). I have found two in the Davis Mountains, in Jeff Davis County and one on the River Road in Brewster County.  I have found all three within 4 days of rain on dark nights. Although a reclusive snake, they have all done well in captivity and feed well on small mice or pinkies. The largest that I have found was around 24 inches in the Davis Mountains. They may interbreed with the Mexican Milk snake (L. t. annulata)  in the southern portion of its range. Click on the thumbnail below for a larger picture of this snake.

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