Mexican Milk Snake

(L. t. annulata)

Size: Up to 39" and more stout bodied than most other Milk Snakes in Texas.

Range in Texas: Found in the South Texas plains northwestward into Val Verde County. Some debate exist about where the Big Bend Milk Snake's range begins and the Mexican Milk Snake's range ends in this area.

The Mexican Milk Snake seems to be more stout bodied than its Northern counterparts. This species reportedly starts moving in South Texas around February and March while other species. are still down for winter brumation. Freer, Texas is a popular collecting location for this species. I found the above snake at the end of May 2003 in Dimmit County, Texas at 0230 hours. The annulata in the third thumbnail below was found les than half a mile from the one above. It was found June 17, 2004 at 11:45 pm. Click on the thumbnails for enlargements.