Observational data used in the preparation of this web site came from the personal notes and records of the members of the John K. Strecker Herpetological Society, the members of the Dallas Herpetological Society, and the current members of the North Texas Herpetological Society.    The John K. Strecker Herpetological Society contributing members were William Chamness, Robert Devine, Ben E. Dial, Steve Dobbs, Jerry Glidewell, William E. Hoffman, J. P. Jones, Claude Kilpatrick, John Mehrtens, Myra Mehrtens, Lloyd Pratt, Margaret Sharp, Richard E. Smith, and James Turner.  The Dallas Herpetological Society contributing members were Jay Adair, Clay Garrett, Stan Grumbeck, John Hunter, Ken Magnuson, Phil Priddy, Don Roeber, Larry Parks, and Doug Wuerch.  Also, thanks goes to North Texas Herpetological members Ron Gutberlet and Carol L. Stewart for information on the southwestern part of the Metroplex, and to K. C. Rudy for reading and giving much needed advice. The notes and records of the compilers were also used.

Thanks to my family, wife Diana Hibbitts for typing the original manuscript and much support throughout the past 27 years and understanding why I do what I do.  Also, to sons Troy and Toby for helping me to keep my interest in Herpetology and for lending support in collecting and data.  Many thanks to David Barker, William Lamar, Jim Dunlap, and Jonathan Campbell for reading and lending advice on this book.  Special recognition should go to Ben E. Dial and Richard E. Smith for the compilation of The Reptiles and Amphibians of Dallas and Tarrant Counties, Texas, (1964).