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If you are the author of an original work regarding Gray-banded kingsnakes and would like to make it available here contact Joseph E. Forks

General Kingsnake Documents
Kingsnake/Milk Snake Care
Generic guide for maintaining all types of Lampropeltis
Courtesy of Melissa Kaplan
Feeding Picky Hatchlings
Basic techniques for getting picky snakes to eat.
Courtesy of Joseph E. Forks

Gray-banded Kingsnake Documents
Short History of L. alterna
A brief overview of the Gray-banded kingsnake.
Written by Jeff Barringer
Longevity Records of L. alterna
Review of the current longevity records.
Written by Gerry Salmon
Bibliography of L.alterna articles
Bibliography of all known L. alterna references
Written by Joe Forks
History of the Gray-banded Kingsnake
Ground breaking 1979 thesis on L. alterna
Written by Dennie Miller
Care of the Gray-banded Kingsnake in

Care sheet written specifically for the Alterna Page          
Written by
Gerold and Cindy Merker
Message from Texas Parks and Wildlife
Information on collecting reptiles in Texas
Written by John Herron
Texas Parks & Wildlife

Book/Article Reviews
"Gray-banded Kingsnakes: Identification, Care, and
by Jerry G.Walls
Review by Troy Hibbitts