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Selected Herpetology Links

Australian Sites


Bryan Greig Fry's information website for those interested in toxinology and animals which produce toxins. Check out the excellent discussion forum while you're there!

Wolfgang Wüster The name says it all ... for the definitive word on taxonomical issues ... and more free PDF files ... Doc WW's website is the place to see...
The Death of Kevin Budden

David Williams' account of the capture of the first taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) to be used in antivenom production, and of the snakebite which caused the death of a promising young Australian herpetologist in 1950.

Scott Whitter's Taipan Information Website

Scott Whitter's from South Australia has prepared a very good website with information about taipans (Genus: Oxyuranus) from Australia and Papua New Guinea/Irian Jaya.

Orana Herpetological Society

Amateur herpetological society based at Mudgee, NSW.

Queensland Frog Society

Society whose aims are to encourage and foster an interest in frogs, to provide expert assistance and education for newcomers and undertake a continuous survey of the local native species to determine their relative abundance and distribution

Victorian Herpetological Society

Largest herpetological Society in Australia, and publisher of the Journal - "Monitor"

International Sites


The largest and most comprehensive collection of herp websites, chat rooms, and discussion forums in the world. UNBEATABLE

Vida Preciosa (Barker's Site)

Dave and Tracy Barker's very professional breeder website.

Herpafauna Indonesia

Duncan Macrae is a Bali-based herpetologist whose Reptile Park is a leading tourist attraction. Herpafauna are also major exporters of Asian and particularly Indonesian herps

Bob Clark Captive Born Reptiles

The man himself! You've never seen beautiful snakes until you've seen this website...

Contemporary Herpetology

A refereed online herpetology journal - great articles!

National Geographic's King Cobra Website

An absolutely brilliantly presented website dedicated to Ophiophagus hannah

Steve Grenard's Medical Herpetology Site

Excellent snakebite and venom resource site. Lots of links.

The EMBL Reptile Database

An Online Information Resource on Reptile Taxonomy with a Focus on the Species Level

The Green Tree Python Page

Kingsnake.Com's very professional GTP site ... an excellent effort!

John A Klein's Cobra Website

For all the Asian elapid afficondo's out there... a website dedicated to Naja and Ophiophagus spp.



Mailing list for all those interested in communicating about Black headed pythons (Aspidites melanocephalus) and womas (Aspidites ramsayii)


John Fowler and Rachel Barnes' Australian herp discussion list.


Mailing list for all those interested in communicating about Green tree pythons (Morelia viridis)


Mailing list for those interested in the husbandry and behaviour of venomous reptiles and their venoms.


Venom and toxin mailing list coordinated by Steve Grenard.

Reptile Care Sheets

Melissa Kaplan's Bearded Dragon Care Sheet One of Melissa's best care sheets ... there is a lot of valuable information here for bearded dragon enthusiasts.

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