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Sunday 25 February 2007


Started in 2001, the PNG Snakebite Research Project has grown to become a major capacity-building and research undertaking aimed squarely at improving the prognosis of Papua New Guinea's snakebite victims by providing evidence-based answers to clinical questions, improved treatment through ongoing education of the health workforce, and the sustainable development of local research, teaching and infrastructure resources.


The project is an initiative of the Australian Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne's Department of Pharmacology, and does not currently receive any government funding. Click here to read more.



Monday 3 October 2005 


A treatment guide for health workers and doctors

Editors: David Williams, Dr Simon Jensen, Dr Bill Nimorakiotakis and Dr Kenneth D Winkel.
Published by: Australian Venom Research Unit.

Published by the Australian Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, this 416 page handbook is the definitive guide to the treatment and management of Australo-papuan snakebite and covers the management of elapid snakebite in extensive detail, as well as insect and arthropod bites/stings and marine envenomations. Along with over 120 colour illustrations it covers a wide range of topics including: Snakebite epidemiology in PNG; Venomous snakes; Snake venoms; First aid; Patient assessment and diagnosis; Treatment of neurotoxicity; Treatment of coagulopathy; Treating myolysis and other effects; The role and use of antivenoms; Anticholinesterase therapy; Advanced respiratory management; Hospital care; Treatment in rural health facilities; Patient management plans; Insect and arthropod bites and stings; Marine envenomation

Contributors: David Williams; Dr Simon Jensen; Dr Bill Nimorakiotakis; Dr Ken Winkel; Dr Gertrude Didei; Dr Aaron Limbo; Prof David A Warrell; Ass Prof Bart Currie; Dr Allen Cheng; Dr John Oakley; Dr Antony Chenhall; Tim Carroll & Rachel Smith (CSL); Dr Chris Acott; Dr Wolfgang Wuster; Dr Ronelle Welton; Benjamin Bal; Dr Roger Lowe; Dr Evelyn Lavu and Dr Forbes McGain.

1200 copies of this book are being distributed FREE to health centres and hospitals throughout Papua New Guinea!

A number of copies are available for sale outside PNG, and the funds raised will be used to help provide pressure bandages and locally relevant first aid training to over 75,000 families in southern PNG over the next three years, in addition to supporting the research and training effort for PNG health workers and doctors.

Copies of Venomous bites and stings in Papua New Guinea are available from the University of Melbourne Bookshop for A$77.00 plus postage/handling.

Sunday 28 March 2004

USA Residents - National Geographic Television premiere's "Mutant tiger snakes" my second episode in the new season of their spectacular Snake Wrangler's series...

     (Click for Screening Dates & Times) 
Saturday 28 February 2004

New files have been added to the Palaeontology, Systematics and Ecology menus in the PDF Library (Thanks to John Scanlon for his contributions!) and brief species accounts added to the PNG Snakebite Research pages.

Sunday 4 January 2004

USA Residents - See me at work catching Papuan taipans on tonight's Season II premiere of "Snake Wranglers: Taipan Reign of Terror" on National Geographic Television 

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