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Basic Care of Uromastyx is available at pet stores. © 1995 Philippe de Vosjoli
Part of The Herpetocultural Library Basic Care Series.
de Vosjoli is the President & Founder of The American Federation of Herpetoculturists

How to Establish Ornate Uromastyx article was published by AFH {see above} in the
VIVARIUM's Nov.-Dec., 1995 issue. Vol. 7 No. 3
Back issues cost $7.00. For a review see HerpLit

Repta~Care Sheet #11 available at pet stores. © 1992 Creative Surprizes, {Egyptian Uromastyx} by Mitch Whyte & David Breen

MASTIGURES : Spinytail Agamids of the Genus Uromastyx by Ribello Bertoni article was published in Reptile & Amphibian Magazine's Sept.-Oct., 1995 issue.
Back issues or reprints can be obtained by calling (717) 622-6050 or 5858 {fax}.
Back issues cost $4.00 while a B/W photocopy of the article costs $1.00.

Uromastyx & Butterfly Agamids by Jerry G. Walls is available at pet stores. © 1996 T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Dornschwanzagamen - Lebensweise, Pflege und Zucht  
This little book written by Thomas Wilms has information concerning the biology, systhematics, and breeding of Uromastyx lizards.
Currently it is only available in German, but will some day be published in English. ISBN : 3-9802892-5-7

Bumps on Uromastyx {Hard Bump Disease} by Douglas R. Mader  published in REPTILES magazine's March 1997 issue.

General Reference Books About Lizards
With Uromastyx Information

All About Lizards by Robert G. Sprackland Jr.

Lizards In Captivity by Richard H. Wynne

The Care Of Reptiles And Amphibians In Captivity by Chris Mattison

Uromastyx Related Scientific Literature

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