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The 16 Species of the Genus Uromastyx.

©1995 Thomas Wilms And Mick Fagre                                Print without margins.

   Species                                   Range

1. U. acanthinura acanthinura BELL 1825      Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya

   U. acanthinura dispar HEYDEN 1827         Sudan, Tchad (Tibesti and Ennedi Mountains)

   U. acanthinura geyri  MÜLLER 1922         South Algeria, Mali and Niger. The subspecies lives 

                                                    only in Mountain area (Air and Hoggar Mts.)

2. U. aegyptius aaegyptius (FORSKAL 1775)    Egypt (East of the Nile), parts of Israel

   U. aegyptius microlepis BLANFORD 1874     Arab Peninsular, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan,

                                             parts of Israel

3. U. asmussi (STRAUCH 1863)                 Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan

4. U. benti (ANDERSON 1894)                  Yemen

5. U. hardwicki GRAY 1827                   India and Pakistan   

6. U. loricata (BLANFORD 1874)               Iraq and Iran

7. U. ocellata ocellata LICHTENSTEIN 1823    Sudan and Egypt

   U. ocellata ornata HEYDEN 1827            Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia

   U. ocellata macfadyeni PARKER 1932        Somalia, Djibouti and perhaps Eritrea

   U. ocellata philbyi PARKER 1938           Mountains of western Arabia from Jabal

                                             as Sinfa to southern Hejaz (Saudi Arabia)
8. U. maliensis Jogger 1998                  Mali, Southwest Algeria
9. U. princeps O`SHAUGNESSY 1880             Somalia

10.U. thomasi PARKER 1930                    Oman

This is a short overview concerning the distribution of Uromastyx species. The names behind the scientific names are the names of the authors of the taxon in question. If the names are in parenthesis the species was described as a member of a different genus (e.g. U. benti was described as Aporoscelis benti in 1894 by ANDERSON).

U. acanthinura acanthinura, U. benti, U. hardwicki, U. ocellata ornata,
U. ocellata ocellata, and U. aegyptia aegyptia are the most commonly
imported varieties of this genus.