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The Suncoast Herpetological Society (SHS) is a not-for-profit, educational, and recreational club for people with an interest in reptiles and amphibians with an emphasis on Responsible Husbandry & Captive Breeding. The Suncoast Herpetological Society is dedicated to education. We provide education talks to citizen's in the Pinellas County community as well as the surrounding counties' communities. Each month we have someone speak on a herp related topic at the meeting and on a regular basis we go into the community to provide information giving talks at libraries, schools and environmental education centers.

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   GRAND REOPENING OF MOCCASIN LAKE NATURE PARK February 2 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm *Free* We are ready to reopen to the public and invite you to join us in a small celebration of this nearly $1 million-dollar renovation of the park which includes a new interpretive center, outdoor amphitheater, playground and landscaping. Visit with the various clubs that meet here, chat with our program instructors and take a walk along our trails! There will be food, kid's crafts and presentations. Admission and parking is free!

   The SHS Monthly Meetings are held on the 4TH Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM click for more information and directions. Each monthly meeting has an informative speaker. Members are invited to bring animals or husbandry equipment they have for sale. Children are always welcome. Please visit the Calendar Page for more detailed information.

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Before contacting us to find a home for your animal, please consider contacting Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They have an Amnesty program that will a find home for your exotics (including conditional species, which are red-eared slider, Burmese python, reticulated python, green anaconda, amethystine python, and Nile monitor) under any condition, without charging anyone. They have a list of approved adopters that have filled out paperwork and are approved by the state.
Contact Information for FWC: Hotline # 1-888-483-4681 (1-888-Ive-Got1) Ashley's number: 954-577-6409 Website: Information on the Amnesty Program

Interested in becoming a registered adopter for FWC? Please go to this website for more information: Information on becoming an adopter
SUPPORT USARK!! WWW.USARK.ORG Sign up on their mailing list, join them on Facebook and Twitter. Become a member or make a donation. These people are out on the front lines protecting our right to own, breed, and sell these animals. Any donation made will be matched by ZooMed. INFO!
Our Webmaster wishes to hear from you! If you have any comments or ideas, please email at suncoastherpsociety@gmail.com!
Herp Hobby Shop is a yearly contributor to our auction. Please visit their store at 700 St Petersburg Dr W, Oldsmar, FL 34677, or give them a call at (813)925-0041.

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