Yellow Mud Turtle
Kinosternon flavescens

Description:  A small (4"-5") turtle with a smooth shell.  Overall olive in color, with a yellowish throat.  On land, retreats into its shell at the slightest hint of danger, and rarely extends its head far from its shell.

Habitat:  This is a turtle that is most common in slow-moving, sluggish waters that are dark and murky.  Often found in stock tanks and sloughs, less common in clear waters.

Distribution:  Should be found throughout the Nueces Canyon.  However, we have not confirmed its presence.

Abundance:  Very common outside of the canyon, particulary in South Texas.  Records exist for all three counties (Edwards, Real, and Uvalde) that make up the Nueces Canyon.

Conservation Status:  Unthreatened - too small to have value in Asian food markets.

Comments:  Needs to be confirmed for Nueces Canyon.